Take a look at these other great zombie blogs. (clicky-clicky)


There’s a great crew of folks over at Zombease bringing you some of the best zombie survival tips and wicked good info about how to survive the apocalypse once it comes and how to enjoy yourself until it starts.

Days with the Undead – Julianne Snow

Julianne SnowIt’s a journal of survival.
Five people set out to escape the Undead who have risen too close to home. Join the emotional and physical struggle as they began on the third day after the awakening of Brooks VanReit, as they are recorded from the point of view of Julie, a former pathologist and part-time survivalist.

Each entry is geared toward helping those who want to help themselves and maybe give a few that don’t a swift kick in the ass. Join our group of survivors on their journey through these Days with the Undead.
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Manny, over at Eat Prey Limp is doing some interesting looking into the motivation behind why people love zombies so very much.

 Zombie aficionado and Master’s candidate at SUNY Buffalo State, I am currently most interested in exploring the cultural role of horror, focusing specifically on the zombie as the unquestioned monster of the moment.

And check out these awesome comics!

A Dog In A Basket – A one-man anthology of sorts.

Grammarman – Educational comics by Educator Brian Boyd.


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