Anna – Zombie Short Film


Anna – Zombie short film

This short is just five minutes long, so why not have a quick look before reading the review.

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The Good
Recently I posted an image of a vegan zombie. It’s an example of zombies that tend to maintain something of their original personalities. We’ve seen this in movies like Land of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead, and a number of other films. It’s a way of making the creatures deeper characters or at least to use them for some sort of social commentary.

This movie took that idea and extended it in an interesting way. The main character was suffering from anorexia causing her to binge and purge. It’s an interesting take on the zombie genre in that the zombie is typically a binger, gobbling up as much material as possible to feed an insatiable hunger. This, despite the ingested material doing them no real good. After all they don’t process food or need it for energy.

The film attempts to shine a light on a very serious issue, in this case a real life horror, through the lens of the horror genre. At just five minutes long, it was a nice sketch for what could be a longer, better story.

The Bad
It suffers from the same sort of things that hold back most student films. Shots are not particularly well composed. Staging is often clunky and acting a bit forced. There’s an over reliance on showing everything graphically justified by the level of horror meant to be imbued that could actually be conveyed more effectively through more suggestive imagery that lets the user’s imagination come into play.

The Ugly
There’s a temptation or a habit to aggrandize small productions to make them seem bigger and better than they are. When Matthew Forte, one of the creators messaged me about this movie he described he and his brother as: “one of the most exciting filmmaking forces to recently emerge in the world of indie horror.”
And the film as, “gripping and horrific from the first frame to the last.”

Honestly, I like the movie and Matt seems like a good guy.  I mention this because I’ve fallen into the same trap. I’m terrible at self promotion and often try to write short, descriptive lines about my projects that convey how great they are. It’s sort of the nature of trying to have your project stand out amid all the noise. I mean how many zombie shorts are out there now? The novelty has seriously worn off. This seems more a comment about the things creators have to do to get notices than about the way we perceive our own work.




Zombie Man the Journey to Hell

Zombie Man the Journey to Hell is a short film that follows a survivor of the apocalypse and subsequent nuclear tactics used to try to stop the dead.

The Good:
It’s short.

The Bad:
The opening monologue is one of the worst delivered monologues I’ve ever heard. It sounds like a high school kid putting on a tough voice he never really commits to or goes all the way with. He also makes grammatical errors that make him sound like he doesn’t really know how to speak English very well.

“The things that are happening changes a man” should be change, not changes.
“I can’t have no mercy for the dead” should be “I can’t have ANY mercy for the dead.
“It (the virus) spread so fast no one expected it.

The Ugly:
The movie tries to use slick music and filters along with a bit of news footage to make it seem grittier than it actually is. We see a woman sort of limping or falling and stumbling away from some pretty mediocre zombies slowly approaching from behind. It feels more like the steam roller gag in Austin Powers.

Finally, after stumbling over an open patch of dirt with nothing to trip on or hills to fall down she just gets up and runs off. Sorry, why was she stumbling? I get that she’s hurt but if she could just get up and run away there’s no reason for the botched stumbling bit.

In the end there really is no substance or story at all. It seems like it was made just to show off some guys survival gear collection and bike.

Perished – Zombie Short Film

PerishedEvery Monday I do a zombie movie review and until now I’ve mostly been reviewing the classics of the genre, cheap flicks and things like that. But this morning I came across this little gem while having my coffee.

Perished is a nicely paced short film with a running time of only about fifteen minutes that manages to pack quite a lot into that time as we get the main character’s experience of the apocalypse as he finds himself trapped in a shed and running out of food.

The Good:
The acting, setting, and videography are all quite good. This looks like a well produced piece and very professionally handled. I see so man hammy, badly produced short films that it’s nice to see one put together this nicely. It’s definitely worth the fifteen-minute running time.

The Bad:
There are a few movie cliche’s here. The injured ankle put me off a bit.

There’s also a takeout that didn’t throw me. When the man breaks through the roof of the shed and climbs up we are lead for a moment to think he may have hung himself as we see his shoes hanging still in the air. Whether he hung him self or was climbing his feet should have been moving around a lot more. It felt like the camera guy just wanted to get the shot and told the actor to keep his feet still so they would stay in frame.

The Ugly:
The zombies and the gore effects in this little piece look really good. Realistic blood, horrifying walkers. Just brilliant. Hats off to the people who made this.

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