Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
It has been a WHILE since I played any games. With life and work, parenting, and survival, it’s hard to find time.

But this fun little nugget has got me hooked which surprised me as I wasn’t really a big fan of the first Dead Ahead game.




The Good
The game play and design are easy. You start with a map of the territory you are meant to explore and find supplies in. Select an area to enter the battle and you and your team roll up in your big bad school bus.

Some zombies are hanging out at a block in the road which your team needs to clear in order to get by all the while fending off the zombie horde. Each area you clear allows you to access other areas revealing more supplies, different zombie types and greater challenges.

As you gain supplies, money, and experience you have a chance to hire more people to help you and strengthen your team allowing you to take on bigger and badder challenges.

The artwork is nice and the game play very easy to manage. My four-year-old was able to handle it.



The Bad
The gameplay becomes incredibly monotonous after a very short time. The small wins and little bonuses thrown in here and there aren’t likely to keep you coming back to it for loads of replay time.




The Ugly
There’s not much new about the setup of the game. Loads of ads are available for you to watch so you can earn extra coins and therefore money for the developers. The games and things advertised in the ads are rarely anything I would actually want to download and once the ad starts, I don’t watch. It’s a silly business model that works none the less.

Overall, it’s a fun game, I like playing it and like the fact it’s stable, well-designed and at least a bit fun to play. Not a bad way to kill a slow train ride home.


Plants vs Zombies

A couple weeks ago I did a series of zombie game reviews but I had a few more games to throw at you so I thought I’d take this week to do the same.

This game has been around for a while now but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally decided to try it. Honestly the name and premise had put me off as I preferred more gory, nasty or story driven games. I am therefore ashamed at how addictive this game became!


The Good:
This game has gone on to be one of the single most successful mobile-platform games of all time and well it should as the game play is excellent. The game plays out on a square field, your yard, and the zombies are trying make their way to your house. By planting various plants and helping them grow you can slow down and stop the zombies from getting to your house. With a few lawnmowers set up for good measure just in case the zombies do manage to get through the plants, you’re all set to plant out the zombie apocalypse.

In many ways this game is the total opposite of the Walking Dead. It’s not serious, rather light hearted and fun where the WD is depressing. Where the WD’s game play is minimal and story-oriented, PVZ’s game play is fast paced and action-oriented.

As a non-gamer who commutes by train, I have no complaints for once.

I even like the zombies.


Game Review – Slash It Zombies

This is a fun little game along the lines of the popular slash style. There are a lot like this, I think the most popular has to do with slashing fruit but I’ve never gotten into it.



The game play is simple, you slash zombies by swiping your finger across the iPhone’s surface and can also cut up barrels that explode to take out multiple zombies all at once. It gets faster and harder as other types of zombies like runners come trotting along and you can score bonuses based on how well you slash, how many zombies you kill with one stroke etc.

It’s a fun simple game and not too hard to get into. It’s not really the sort of game I usually play, but it was pretty fun and the graphics are good. Again, this is the kind of game that really has zombies only as a kind of windowdressing. It could be anything, any kind of monster it wouldn’t really matter. And like I said above, in one case there’s a game where it’s just fruit and vegetables things like that. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just some sort of things moving from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen and you slash your finger back and forth across it.

So I don’t think the zombies are really a key to the gameplay here but they do dress it up pretty nicely. A little more nicely than in other games that basically use zombies the same way.

I’d say this game is definitely worth picking up and playing at least once. It’s fun and if you don’t like it after 10 minutes you can just delete it. Even I had fun with it for a short time even though it’s not the kind of game I’m usually into. The graphics aren’t great but the gameplay is smooth and it seems like it’s a really well put together game. Have fun with it!   Three stars.

Game review: Zombie Run

This is a fun little game that takes seconds to learn how to play but which could potentially take up loads of your time.

You play a runner, that is a runner zombie who has broken out of some sort of tropical bungalow and take off running to escape a couple of humans. (Why you don’t just eat them is beyond me though.)  The game play is easy, swipe to jump gaps or slide under obstacles and do the same thing if you need to turn left or right.

This game is very similar to the game play in games like Temple Run and several others and didn’t really hold me as I’ve already tried those games.

For the most part it’s a fun game with several challenges like length of run, number of times jumped or ducked etc. but there are better games like this out there. I’d say try the free version and if you like it go for it.

Two stars.

Game Review: Zombie Duck Hunt



Zombie Duck Hunter: one star

I decided to grab a bunch of zombie games to pass the few free moments I have this fall so I started with this classic game from the Nintendo era now resurrected on iOS.


Like the classic duck hunt, ducks come flying by and you shoot at them. The key here is that you are shooting zombie ducks, instead of regular ducks.

That’s it. I mean you could guess that much from the title right? It’s called Zombie Duck Hunt after all.
This game falls into a category of games whose game play hinges on the gimmick and the window dressing. It’s sort of a cheap duck hunt game that’s just been dressed up with the undead. That is, the zombies in this game don’t actually effect the mood or feeling of the game by building a palpable atmosphere and don’t add to the game play at all.


The game seems to be a bit roughly put together in some cases. Like where the blog displays inside a pop up window. But it pops up at full size so we have to navigate rather awkwardly around the window.

All in all it was a fun minute and a half but there’s nothing here to keep my attention for longer than that even on the crapper.