Choose your own adventure: Zombie Pizza

This is a brilliant idea that’s been around on YouTube for a while. The story starts, and at the end of the video you choose where the story goes by clicking a link to one of two videos based on the choice you’ve made. Just like the choose-your-own-adventure books from when we were kids.

This video looks to have been a promotion for a pizza shop. The story is silly but it’s a zombie pizza comedy in choose-your-own-adventure form so I shouldn’t be overly critical. Have fun, and good luck surviving to the end!

Page 3


Pages three and four are probably the loosest and sketchiest that I’ve made. I’m still having fun figuring how I want the book to look and having a good time finding  the story in the telling. I’ve just laid page five to rest and will be working up page six, the last in this chapter some time this weekend.

Zombie Snails

There are a lot of different explanations for what makes a zombie in movies and books; everything from voodoo to radiation can cause an outbreak it seems.

One of my particular favorites is parasites. Mostly because it makes the most sense in believable sense. In this case, the “zombies” aren’t really dead, they are simply behaving according to how the embedded parasite is forcing them to act. It seems far fetched no matter how you spin it but it is the only sort of zombieism that can be found abundantly in nature.

So for all you science and zombie lovers here is a quick video showing how DISGUSTING and horrible these parasites can be. (But if you are at all like me you’ll also see real beauty in how nature works. It’s amazing really.)

Zombie Snails:


Page 2

I’m still experimenting with exactly how I want it to look. The images in the bottom part of the page are a lot looser than I intend to make future issues. I might come back to this one and tighten it up at some point, but for now it’s just fun moving ahead.

Page 1

This was my first jump into Surviving the Dead, and the best part?  It’s based on a true story.