Movie Review: Horror of The Zombies

This movie was originally released in 1974 in Spanish as “El Buque Maldito,” which I think translates as “The Cursed Ship.”

IMDB: The living corpses of the Satan-worshiping Knights Templar hunt for human victims in a 16th century galleon.

It’s hard to take the dubbed version of this movie seriously, and actually it’s hard to take the regular version seriously. The breathy, earnest way in which the voice actors deliver their lines is just laughable.

The premise above from IMDB doesn’t really give you the amazing set up that leads into the horror. Two models are set adrift in a boat as part of a publicity stunt. The idea is that they’ll be rescued by some ship and will be all over the papers.

However the first ship they encounter is a ghost ship, an old Spanish galleon haunted by the living-dead Satan-worshiping Knights Templar. I find this particularly funny since they Knights Templar were not, in fact, Satan worshipers. A rescue follows and hilarity ensues.

The dialogue is amazing throughout the movie, it’s fantastic. One of the two girls in the adrift boat has a roommate who goes looking for her and ends up trapped by her bosses. While locked up:
“I need some water.”
“Drink milk.”
“I don’t like milk.”
“You’re a pain.”

It’s a fun little flick for a Sunday morning or a good laugh over some beers but not much else.

This leads me to point out that this is of a very particular type of zombie flick, the satanic dead. That is, walking corpses, reanimated by evil. Honestly most zombie movies require a certain suspension of disbelief to think that a rotten corpse would keep moving around after all. This type of movie goes right ahead and attributes the evil power to satan directly.

Two stars.


Game Review: Stupid Zombies



This game is a take on the popularity of Angry Birds and most of the game play flows the same way. From a stationary position on the left of the screen you use your finger to fire something at obstacles/objects in ever increasingly compile arrangements.


In this case we aren’t flinging birds but firing a sawed-off shotgun at zombies. Although it looks like  a shotgun it actually fires a rather large bullet that ricochets around the screen taking out zombies. It’s surprisingly easy to pull off even the most complex shots and you’ll get drawn in to the game pretty quickly. I just went through the first few levels but found that the complexity and level of difficulty was fun as you shoot objects like barrels and planks.

On one level shooting a glowing red button causes a gate to open so look for that sort of functionality in the upper levels. Oddly enough though the one level I found like that never had any other levels like it immediately afterwards as I would expect so I’m not sure why that particular challenge was placed where it was.


One complaint I might make is that although objects in the game crush up the zombies and bust their heads pretty well, zombies landing on zombies have no effect.

One more feature rather similar to Angry Birds is the ability to call in an air strike to take out zombies on levels you get too frustrated with. It’s got a great bang for the buck.

Actually there isn’t even a buck as I was using the free version. The pay version supports game center and turns off the adds.

If you liked Angry Birds and want a little zombie fun this might be the game for you. It’s fun and not too hard. It’s not all that original though and it didn’t keep my interest as many of the levels just feel the same. I’d give it two out of three stars because it is to Angry Birds what the Gobots were to the Transformers. Well, no it’s not that bad. OK!

Three stars! 


It’s rare to be able to identify exactly where a childhood interest started but for me and my fear of and later interest in zombies started at a very specific moment.

I’m not sure how old I was, but one day I saw the trailer for Return of the Living Dead on TV.

The clip features one zombie in particular, a horrible, shambling wet mess with wild, unblinking eyes. This wet shadow moved in the darkness like some sick fiend, stared strait at the camera, right through the tv, right at me, and spoke, “More Brains!”

I nearly pissed myself.

At the time and for a long time after I didn’t know what the movie was, I’d quickly forgotten the title. Then one day in High School I found it totally by chance. But by that time, my horror had turned to delight.

Return of the Living Dead still stands as one of my all time favorite zombie flicks and for a long list of reasons I’ll write about another day soon.

But for now, it’s just Tarman who concerns me.

This horrible thing, affected by an experimental gas weapon developed by the military, and sealed in an oil drum; released by accident to start a wave of horror.

I’m 35 now and finally decided to draw this thing from my past. And I’m glad I did. It rekindled my childhood fears and teenage delight at seeing something shuffling in the dark; something that shouldn’t be.


Zombie Parkour

What the heck is Parkour?

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably seen these awesome acrobatics on YouTube or in movies like the action sequences in James Bond Quantum of Solace even if you didn’t know what it was called. It’s an amazing combination of rolls, jumps, stretches and careful landing that uses every part of the body in an acrobatic feat that not only looks amazing but gives you an intense workout.

In fact it’s so amazing that if you are a zombie fan you’ve probably already thought this would be a great tool for escaping the damned, especially if they are the slow shambling type. I mean, what to those drag-foots have over an acrobatic expert who can spin, roll, hop and bounce with ease and grace like a dance?

Well one thing this fun little zombie flick helps point out is that amazing flips and acrobatic excellence are still no match for the dead. In fact, if anything, I’d say part of the lesson from this film is that when it’s time to get away, fancy spin tricks and rolls are probably something we should avoid. So enjoy the movie and if you want a little more info on Parkour, look it up on YouTube or Wikipedia.

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With this installment I really started to tighten up a lot of the loose pencils that I had on previous pages but have still kept the rough loose quality. I think a big help is going to be getting a drawing tablet down the road as I’m doing all of this with a mouse right now.


Game Review: Zombie Duck Hunt



Zombie Duck Hunter: one star

I decided to grab a bunch of zombie games to pass the few free moments I have this fall so I started with this classic game from the Nintendo era now resurrected on iOS.


Like the classic duck hunt, ducks come flying by and you shoot at them. The key here is that you are shooting zombie ducks, instead of regular ducks.

That’s it. I mean you could guess that much from the title right? It’s called Zombie Duck Hunt after all.
This game falls into a category of games whose game play hinges on the gimmick and the window dressing. It’s sort of a cheap duck hunt game that’s just been dressed up with the undead. That is, the zombies in this game don’t actually effect the mood or feeling of the game by building a palpable atmosphere and don’t add to the game play at all.


The game seems to be a bit roughly put together in some cases. Like where the blog displays inside a pop up window. But it pops up at full size so we have to navigate rather awkwardly around the window.

All in all it was a fun minute and a half but there’s nothing here to keep my attention for longer than that even on the crapper.


Choose your own adventure: Zombie Pizza

This is a brilliant idea that’s been around on YouTube for a while. The story starts, and at the end of the video you choose where the story goes by clicking a link to one of two videos based on the choice you’ve made. Just like the choose-your-own-adventure books from when we were kids.

This video looks to have been a promotion for a pizza shop. The story is silly but it’s a zombie pizza comedy in choose-your-own-adventure form so I shouldn’t be overly critical. Have fun, and good luck surviving to the end!