Catching up on the Walking Dead comics recently and was reminded of something from Max Brooks World War Z.  In WW-Z there are people who aren’t actually dead, but run around like zombies trying to feed on the living. I don’t mean they are cannibals per se, but that they are humans who are acting like zombies. Maybe their minds snapped or they just like the idea of being zombies but they run about like the dead.

In TWD comics characters very like this were introduced recently, called whisperers. They carry knives and whisper to one another to keep quiet. But what’s special about these rotten bastards is that they wear the dead skin of other humans over them so that they look and smell like walkers. They move and blend in with the walkers. This isn’t so unlike what we’ve already seen with Rick and company covering themselves in dead muck to blend in. But living like that seems impossible to me. Who knows what we’ll see from the whisperers on TWD but I’m sure whatever it is won’t be fun.

(It never is.)

Note: I actually wasn’t sure how to classify these guys at first but I think the belong firmly in the survivors category. They aren’t really dead, just pretending. Like Bill Murray in Zombieland. They might look dead but they aren’t.

Merry X-mas

This one speaks for itself, don’t you think?

I’m off for the holidays and won’t be back till early January so until then, have a safe happy holiday season and do yourself a favor, unplug and unwind for a while. 

Zombie Xmas Card

Happy Thanksgiving!

Zombie Native American
Yeahhhhh, I’m gonna be that guy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

zombie elvis

A little while back I signed up with the Line Creator’s market. If you’re not familiar with it, Line is a chat application where people use “stickers” alongside emoji to spice up their conversations. There are LOTS of different sticks and I made a set of zombies.

Actually when I say a little while back I mean over the summer (2014.) I signed up then with the intention of selling a set of zombie “stickers” during the Halloween holiday season.

After a VERY long time I FINALLY got a response from the people at Line saying that due to the similarity of this image to Elvis and another image that looked like MJ I wouldn’t be able to use their service with that set. Just in case there were any copyright questions.

I thought was fair and they invited me to resubmit my images with replacements which I did the same day as I had extra images in the set which I could easily use to replace the images that were in question. Unfortunately they never got back to me so I messaged them, and they never got back to me so I messaged them again and guess what? Thats right. They never got back to me. Pretty bad customer service department there. Eventually I cancelled the ticket and started a whole new submission.

So far it’s taken MONTHS for them to get back to me on my second submission. All in all it’s a pretty disappointing experience just to sell a small set of images in a market where Line takes 50% of the money made.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get them out there but for now, I’ll share a few of the images though here.

Have you used the Line Creator’s Market?

How was your experience?

Did you have trouble getting a response?

I’d love to hear your experience.




A buddy of mine went to the beach the other day and had an amazing time. While I was busy working on my illustrations and getting groceries he was having fun in the sun with all the hotties on the beach. So this one is for him.

I’ve mentioned this zombie type before and called them beauties. More on that here. 

But I was never really happy with the original illustration which you can see in the post I linked to above. So when I made this new image I just fell in love and new I had to use her for the “beauties” type of zombie.


I thought these fellows were a rare breed in the zombie world but over the past year I’ve seen a LOT of horror movies featuring reanimated corpses that have dealt with some sort of psychic or occult powers. For the most part this was an extension of the times, the sort of popularity psychics and the occult had in the 70’s and 80’s was reflected in the horror movies of the time.

Recently I reviewed the movie One Dark Night, which features the most psychic zombie I’ve ever seen. Instead of a survivor trying to use their powers to outwit the dead stalking them, this was the body of a powerful psychic who returned to life, or perhaps never really died, simply through his power over the life force. (A far superior movie I might add.)

Nevertheless, although this zombie is a powerful bastard, it’s hard to think of him as a true zombie as opposed to a reanimated corpse who kills. Zombies seem to consume more than discriminately kill as he does and it’s rare that you see a zombie who can shoot lightning with his eyes.

Pit Zombies

pit zombies
These guys have been around for a while though I haven’t traced them back to their origins yet. The earliest example that immediately comes to mind are the pit zombies Ash fights in Army of Darkness. We’ve seen them recently used on the Walking Dead where they really serve an interesting purpose. They were essentially in the pits because that was the best place to keep them until they were used to attack the prison. In this way, pit zombies can be viewed as being similar to cattle. (I would say the famous well zombie from the Walking Dead is simply a variation on a type and is just another pit zombie.)

However pit zombies could happen by chance simply by zombies getting stuck in a depression in the ground over time. They could end up in there if the depression is a defensive unit like a moat. In Army of Darkness we see them used like pit dogs. You basically capture an enemy and throw them to the dogs in the pit or in this case the zombies. It’s a sort of weapon.

They pose a real risk for anyone keeping them in that they are continuously scratching at the walls and trying to make their ways out. Over time, if they keep building up they could climb over one another or break down the pit walls and get out leaving you with a lot of hungry biters right at your doorstep. If used correctly though, pits are a good way of dispatching a group of zombies. Let a bunch of the clumsy things get down into the pit and then dispatch them outright.