At first, I thought lingerers were kind of rare in zombie lore, but the more I look around the more I think they are basically the norm. Lingerers are zombies who retain something of their old selves. They remember something, either an ingrained skill or maybe even all their memory.

In the Romero movies many of the zombies slowly began regaining their human skills and memories over time. In Return of the Living Dead they were basically just angry versions of themselves.

Regardless of the film series, these are some of the most common zombies around.





Eternals just won’t die. No matter what you do, cut them to bits, blow them up, even destroy the brain, these guys just won’t stay down. Think of the scene in Return of the living dead where the zombie takes a pickax to the head but still keeps going. In fact, as we saw in that film, the individual pieces keep on coming even after they are separated from the body. Disembodied hands, and feet, eternally coming after us and they absolutely will not stop.

In ROTLD the only way to stop them was to incinerate them, burn up every bit so there are no more moving parts to do harm.

That, to me, is scary AF.



Vegans: When the remake of Day of the Dead came out we got a new take on the classic character “Bub.” The original version was a zombie that was learning to use tools and communicate with the humans around him. In the new version he was called “Bud,” and was a “friend” to one of the soldiers and wouldn’t eat people at first because, it was supposed, that while he was alive he was a vegetarian. It was a new, and honestly, unsatisfying take on the zombie that seems more like a gimmick than anything else. That being said, vegans, who get turned into zombies will end up like very other zombie in most cases. So a true vegan zombie is the variety that don’t eat people. (Note: There is apparently a movie called Vegan Zombies I have yet to check out.)


I wish I had the time to get on here and make more of these.

But, this being Halloween, I wanted to make a point to get one out to you.
This one is by request.
You’ve probably heard the horrible moan of zombies creeping through the night. Moaning incoherently or calling out for brains. Most zombies are moaners. But there are some zombies, some really naughty trouble makers that scream. Not unlike the scream queens of Hollywood horror, screamers let out shrill screeches that are a pain for everyone around them to hear. More importantly though all that racket attracts other dead heads to wherever they are which means trouble for any survivors that happen to be in the area.

Hines Ward

Despite having a real love fitness and staying healthy by working out I don’t actually watch sports because why watch when you can do?

That being the case I had no idea who Hines Ward was until I heard him on a recent episode of the Art of Charm podcast where he gave a fantastic interview talking about his experience in the NFL and the challenges he faced growing up as a biracial kid. The interview is pretty amazing for a lot of reasons but one cool thing that I learned is that he had a cameo as a walker on the Walking Dead.

Hines WardHines Ward 2

One of the producers was a fan of Hines and Hines was a fan of the show so everything came together nicely.

Check out the full interview on The Art of Charm episode 520.



metalhead zombies
Ok, this is what I would file under the gimmicky zombie. Late in season 6 of the The Walking Dead we encountered a zombie who, when attacked, just sort of pinged metallically. He had died, apparently when a batch of molten metal landed on his head.

It makes sense that an accident at work like this could happen, or maybe he survived the initial days of the outbreak but was killed trying to do some metalwork on his own.

It’s the second time I can think of off the top of my head TWD has done this. There was another where a zombie had something, a metal rod, sticking out of it like the porcupine zombie I wrote about the other day. The survivor attacked only to be rebuffed with a resounding ping as metal hit metal.

So you’re not likely to encounter a lot of these guys in the end of days but it’s maybe a good reminder when going near factories or power plants that the nature of the environment you’re entering is likely to dictate the kinds of walkers you encounter.

Personally, I just love Metal and was delighted to have a zombie that was a true metalhead.


porcupine zombies
Has this ever happened to you? You’re taking down zombies left and right when your weapon suddenly gets jammed in the oncoming zombie. You pull and you tug but you just can’t get it free. With all the other zombies swarming towards you, you run off losing your pointy stick or whatever it was.

Hey, everyone has to cut and run some time but your beloved crowbar or pool stick is still out there somewhere, jammed in a zed head wandering about with it.

Some zombies will take a lot of hits and keep on going. This is especially true in the early days of an outbreak when people haven’t figured out they should be aiming for the head yet. So you might come across zombies that are riddled with bullet holes or stuck through with tons of weapons like sticks or arrows.

They can pose an extra threat in that they are harder to get close to just like a porcupine with its prickly spines sticking out all over. The best policy for dealing with them is to keep your distance and pop them in the head from there.