Flipping Legend

Ok, so you’re a ninja, and you’re really good at doing flips. So you flip left and right, occasionally back, and sometimes in a swirly special way. You keep going, collecting riches, falling into tiger traps and eaten by zombies.

It’s a great five minutes until you have to wipe your ass and leave the bathroom.

Two thumbs up your butt good.

(Yeah, I’m not much of a gamer.)

Check it out in the App Store here.


Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
It has been a WHILE since I played any games. With life and work, parenting, and survival, it’s hard to find time.

But this fun little nugget has got me hooked which surprised me as I wasn’t really a big fan of the first Dead Ahead game.




The Good
The game play and design are easy. You start with a map of the territory you are meant to explore and find supplies in. Select an area to enter the battle and you and your team roll up in your big bad school bus.

Some zombies are hanging out at a block in the road which your team needs to clear in order to get by all the while fending off the zombie horde. Each area you clear allows you to access other areas revealing more supplies, different zombie types and greater challenges.

As you gain supplies, money, and experience you have a chance to hire more people to help you and strengthen your team allowing you to take on bigger and badder challenges.

The artwork is nice and the game play very easy to manage. My four-year-old was able to handle it.



The Bad
The gameplay becomes incredibly monotonous after a very short time. The small wins and little bonuses thrown in here and there aren’t likely to keep you coming back to it for loads of replay time.




The Ugly
There’s not much new about the setup of the game. Loads of ads are available for you to watch so you can earn extra coins and therefore money for the developers. The games and things advertised in the ads are rarely anything I would actually want to download and once the ad starts, I don’t watch. It’s a silly business model that works none the less.

Overall, it’s a fun game, I like playing it and like the fact it’s stable, well-designed and at least a bit fun to play. Not a bad way to kill a slow train ride home.

1-Bit Rogue

You guys know I’m not a huge gamer. Instead of big, overproduced games n a platform, I tend to go for small, fun games that I can play for a week and then toss.

1-Bit Rogues  is a super fun old-school looking game with a selection of heroes traveling through dungeons. Along the way, you pick up weapons and potions to heal with, battle enemies and kick some butt.

This is all mostly in the vein of classic fantasy games but I’m including it here because you do have to fight zombies along the way. (Yay!)

The game is free but if you tip the developer the price of a beer you can remove ads and unlock the 3-Bit color version. (I prefer the black and white 1-Bit version but tipped the developer anyway cause I’m such a nice guy. Haha!)

Check it out here.


This is my character fighting a zombie.

Seriously, I loved this game.






Jazon and the Dead


I’m not much of a gamer but this looks fun enough for me to say I hope it comes to fruition. The game has a simple but clean look and feel to it that really appeals to me. The artwork sort of reminds me of a Gorillaz video. Hmm. . . Gorillaz fighting zombies? Yeah, I’d like to see that.

The trailer makes it look lighthearted enough to be fun while still adding in a bit of intensity, like when the slow-moving zombies are closing in and Jason is trying to take out the one closest to him with his bare hands. It’s that frustrating feeling of impending doom in a game that makes me start gripping the controller like I’m trying to choke a Z’s head off. (And that’s not easy.)

There’s a trailer running on YouTube I’ve linked to below and you can check out their site and crowdfunding efforts here.



There are a rare few games that I truly love and this is one of them.

Every element of this game completely sucked me in.

The Story
A little boy wakes up in a dark wood and starts exploring. As he goes we, the players, realize not everything is right with the world and whatever this place is, it’s dangerous.

Over time the world continues to shift and change until by the end of the game you’re literally spinning your phone in your hand desperately trying to keep up.

The game play is simple, intuitive and steady. It’s so beautifully paced with a sort of ambient sound instead of music that creates the feeling of a large hollow space. Honestly I play almost all my games with the sound off. I don’t need annoying bleeps and bloops and buzzes and the same victory music playing over and over and over again. So a game like this where the sound mattered and didn’t become annoying was a real joy.

The bit that got me in the beginning was that the little boy in the game looks a little like my son Marcus. And when he saw me playing he said, “Dada, are you playing the Dark Marcus? Where is he? Where is dark Marcus?”

He’s in the upside down I said. (Little Stranger Things reference.)

So that’s my take on it. If you want to save Dark Marcus from the Upside Down,
Get Limbo in the App store today.limbo

1000M Zombie Escape

You know I’m not a gamer but I do try these things from time to time.

1000 Meter Zombie Escape1000 Meter Zombie Escape11000 Meter Zombie Escape 2



1000M Zombie escape is a fun but frustrating little game where your character has a hell of a strange way of walking making it easy for the zombies to creep up on her.

The fun thing is that it simulates pretty accurately the frustration you would feel trying and not succeeding in escaping from some of the undead. Like in a dream where you feel like you’re running through molasses.

The graphics are good and there are plenty of fun little challenges and obstacles along the way.

I’m pretty sure you can beat my record pretty quickly too.

Check it out in iTunes here.

Zombination – Planets

Possibly the worst game I’ve ever played.

This game plopped up on my radar because another game with a similar name was getting a lot of attention on the App store. I suspect this game was made or named to play off that success. If not it’s an unfortunate coincidence for the other team.

The Story:
The screen shot above is pretty much all there is to the game. Some text at the start lets you know that you are trying to take over all the planets in the solar system.

Game Play:
As you can see there are over a billion Plutonians. What you’re meant to do is tap the planet over and over again to kill them off. You can upgrade your character so that each tap counts for more kills.

Seriously. That’s it.

Realistically speaking, any game you play is really just you tapping on a piece of glass over and over again. But come on. This is just plain boring.