metalhead zombies
Ok, this is what I would file under the gimmicky zombie. Late in season 6 of the The Walking Dead we encountered a zombie who, when attacked, just sort of pinged metallically. He had died, apparently when a batch of molten metal landed on his head.

It makes sense that an accident at work like this could happen, or maybe he survived the initial days of the outbreak but was killed trying to do some metalwork on his own.

It’s the second time I can think of off the top of my head TWD has done this. There was another where a zombie had something, a metal rod, sticking out of it like the porcupine zombie I wrote about the other day. The survivor attacked only to be rebuffed with a resounding ping as metal hit metal.

So you’re not likely to encounter a lot of these guys in the end of days but it’s maybe a good reminder when going near factories or power plants that the nature of the environment you’re entering is likely to dictate the kinds of walkers you encounter.

Personally, I just love Metal and was delighted to have a zombie that was a true metalhead.


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