1000M Zombie Escape

You know I’m not a gamer but I do try these things from time to time.

1000 Meter Zombie Escape1000 Meter Zombie Escape11000 Meter Zombie Escape 2



1000M Zombie escape is a fun but frustrating little game where your character has a hell of a strange way of walking making it easy for the zombies to creep up on her.

The fun thing is that it simulates pretty accurately the frustration you would feel trying and not succeeding in escaping from some of the undead. Like in a dream where you feel like you’re running through molasses.

The graphics are good and there are plenty of fun little challenges and obstacles along the way.

I’m pretty sure you can beat my record pretty quickly too.

Check it out in iTunes here.


Published by

Mike Kloran

Educational Designer from Brooklyn New York. I'm a teacher, an artist, an athlete and constantly doing, making, drawing, creating! It's a busy life but I'm doing what I love and that's what matters most to me!

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