The Ewoks are Dead looks a bit more like a hungry Ewok to me than a zombie Ewok but either wait’s pretty awesome and the tale of the Ewok Holocaust has gained some traction lately and was frankly too good to pass up.

The idea is that if a huge metal sphere like the Death Star 2 were to be blown up next to the forrest moon called Endor, there would certainly be some environmental fallout from something like that.

From The Star Wars Wikia (read more there)
The Endor Holocaust thesis was first put forward by Curtis Saxton on his Star Wars Technical Commentaries fan site. Saxton claims that the holocaust is scientifically inevitable, although it has never been reported in any canon source. Some sources, such as X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble and the comic book Apocalypse Endor, mention the holocaust as either propaganda or myth.

In Star Wars Insider 76, a question and answer column written by Pablo Hidalgo states that the Ewoks were not all killed after the Battle of Endor. He refers to events described in the juvenile novel The Glove of Darth Vader, where debris from the second Death Star’s destruction, including Darth Vader‘s glove, is sucked through a wormhole and taken through hyperspace to the other end of the galaxy (and, therefore, avoids landing on the forest moon). Hidalgo also acknowledges the environmental consequences expected from the destruction of a planetoid-sized battle station so close to a habitable moon, but claims that the laws of physics can be “thrown out the window” for the sake of a story which George Lucas intended to have a “happy ending.”

The extended version of the Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II special features a skit which humorously depicts the event.

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