Vader Resurrected

Check out this awesome illustration of a zombie vader and more by the artist by clicking the image to visit the DeviantArt page.

Maybe one of the most common rumors around the new generation of Star Wars movies coming out since Disney acquired LucasArts is if we are going to see Vader return. It makes sense, any actor could play the suit with a capable voice actor’s track laid over it and Haden Christensen is going to be able to play him for years to come.

The big rumor of course is that they may try to clone him. Cloning seems to be incredibly common in the SW universe after all. There was even a whole series about how the emperor escaped death by being cloned and then his force ghost coming back into those cloned bodies.

I hope they don’t go that way though.


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Mike Kloran

Educational Designer from Brooklyn New York. I'm a teacher, an artist, an athlete and constantly doing, making, drawing, creating! It's a busy life but I'm doing what I love and that's what matters most to me!

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