Fear the Walking Dead Pilot

I’ve held off doing reviews of individual episodes of TV shows and I intend to keep that up. With the Walking Dead I’ve found it’s better to get some perspective, step back and see it on a whole to understand the themes and the way the writers are trying to tie the whole season together. I do love me some . . .

. . . context.


But this being a new show I thought I’d take a break from my usual and throw out a few cautionary words for anyone watching the first episode. I’ll forgo my usual “Good Bad and Ugly” for a simplified version of the same:

It’s good enough that I want to watch the next episode and I did start to care about the characters involved. I’m not familiar with any of the actors on the show but was convinced by them well enough that I could buy into who they were portraying.

The bad thing is that it suffers from the setup the same way every TV show pilot does. Regular episodes get right into the story telling and we are generally familiar with the characters or the actors are familiar enough that they play them exactly as they should be. New show pilots always suffer from the fact that they have to introduce absolutely everyone and give them some backstory or at least some place in the world being built. Sure new characters on any long-running show suffer the same fate but in pilots it’s different. Pilots require everyone gets an introduction.

It wasn’t that bad in this pilot but it’s there.

The dead aren’t that ugly, yet. We are seeing the start of the outbreak so we don’t have zombies hanging around who have been dead and rotting for any length of time. As a result, the onus is on the show creators to show us the requisite “Walkers” by messing people up. We get a good dose of this early on in the show then at the climax of the episode. It feels a bit forced but it’s a necessary evil.

Again, it’s a new show. Remember where the Walking Dead started from and it definitely deserved the chance to shine. I think this show does too though I thought at first it would all be a bit of overkill having two TWD shows running.

Have a look, get past the annoyingly repetitive church scenes and have a bit of fun with it.


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One thought on “Fear the Walking Dead Pilot”

  1. I love The Walking Dead and am looking forward to seeing this though we have a bit of a wait for it in the UK 😪 thanks for a great review and I’ll definitely catch it when it finally arrives here! xoxo


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