Solomon Grundy

I was checking out some videos on Youtube when I came across one that featured Solomon Grundy. I remembered Grundy as a bad guy from the Legion of Doom way back in the 80’s but never realized until last week that he is, in fact, a zombie!


Well apparently while I wasn’t watching Super Friends, this . . .
Turned into this.

Superman Solomon Grundy

Kind of a big change.

So this took a little looking into and one or two clicks later I had as much information as I cared to glean about this undead monster. Like most great characters in comics he appeared in DC long before he was copied by Marvel. Don’t get me wrong I’m not getting down on Marvel, they make great comics and great stories. But the Justice League predates the Avengers by a long shot and Grundy is basically the Hulk and he’s been around since the 40’s.

Ok but let’s be fair. Even though Grundy has been around since the 40’s he hasn’t been the massive powerhouse that the Hulk is.

True but that’s only in the drawing style. He was always a HUGE, super strong and practically unstoppable thing just like the Hulk.

Whatever. It’s more like DC altered one of their classic characters to more closely resemble a successful Marvel character.

Yeah but writers and artists go back and forth between the companies so it’s not like it’s an evil plan or ploy. It’s just people with similar interests and talents making great stories and artwork and it tends towards the mean.


Who am I talking to again?

Anyway the deal with Grundy is that a murdered man was dumped in the swamp. Somehow his body fused with the swamp and he returned to life but not quite the same guy he was before. Now he’s an overpowered monster who can’t really be killed and talks like the Hulk, or the Hulk talks like him or they are just big guys who like to say “smash” a lot. You decide.

Actually he’s a lot more like Swamp Thing now that I think about it. Here’s a quick vid about Grundy you MIGHT like. I’m not a huge fan of the endless Watch MoJo vids and lists. (C’mon people. The internet isn’t just a place for lists for Pete’s sake! Make some critical analysis already.) This one however does a good job of explaining Grundy’s origins in the 40’s so I liked it. 

Click here
if the video below doesn’t embed properly.


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