Alien Dead

This is a bloody god awful mess.

Alien Dead
The Poster / VHS Cover:
On it’s own this isn’t SO bad. A classic “woman-in-distress” image with a hand rising up from below. It leaves a bit of mystery in that nothing on the cover seems to relate to the title at all so we are left to guess at what is going on here.

But there’s something about this cover. I SWEAR I’ve seen this somewhere before. I just can’t remember where. . . OH yeah!

So these are EXACTLY the same poster. The girls’ clothes expressions everything. I looked around a bit about this but didn’t find a connection. I’m sure there is one but I’m having an incredibly busy week and not a lot of time for following this up.

What do you think? Evil Dead came out in 1981, Alien Dead in 1980. Any thoughts?

The Plot:
A meteor strikes n the middle of the swamps down south and turns some people into zombies, they feed on alligators and when they run out they start feeding on people.

The Good:
If you want to have a few beers with your friends and watch a BAD old horror flick this might be for you. It’s full of ridiculous acting, bad music and some very silly looking zombies. The action is dubious at best and the acting . . . . . yeah.

The Bad: 
The copy of the movie I found was badly deteriorated and some bits were pretty hard to see. The sound overlays particularly in the outdoor scenes in the beginning were tough to watch.

The dialogue was stiff and unnatural and seemed like something out of a hillbilly comedy. (Oddly enough not an uncommon thing at the time. It was the 80’s man.)

The Ugly:
Much of the music in the movie is pretty horrible. The tone and pace often don’t match what’s happening on screen and a lot of it plays off the sort of down-home country style that was popular in the late seventies and early eighties. It’s hard to imagine any modern audience responding well to it.


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