How The Walking Dead Season 5 Ends

EDIT: I was totally and utterly wrong. Whew


For the most part I’ve stayed away from writing anything about individual episodes of the Walking Dead. I’ve done season reviews instead as I like to get a little perspective on the show and look at the overriding themes the seasons presented to us. 

But I’m dying here because of what’s going to happen in the season finale. 


The reason this is killing me is because of the comics. I took a little time last year and read through them and found myself really upset by two events in the comics. They were bold writing moves that made sense in the story and frankly hurt to read. They made me stop reading the comics for a time because I couldn’t take it anymore. 

And yeah, I know how RIDICULOUS that sounds. 

It’s entirely possible both of these events are going to happen in the upcoming finale so these predictions MIGHT not be too much of a surprise to comics fans. 

Glenn1. Maggie’s going to die.
It’s not a total secret that Glenn dies in the comics. But how it happens is awful. Rick and company have an encounter with a group of other survivors in the larger world, a rough group lead by a rockabilly bastard named Negan. He’s THE bad ass of the comics. While Rick and his group are briefly held by Negan and his men, Negan bashes Glenn’s head in with his baseball bat Lucille.

It’s awful. 

Glenn’s head is caved in and his eye pops out. He calls out: “M-M-maggie!” And then Negan goes to town on him and finishes the job. 

172193.CA.0611.walkdead.29.CMCHere’s why I think it’s going to be Maggie instead:
My main reason for thinking so is that – The show and comics often throw us for curves. After all, it was Dale who got his legs eaten in the comics not Bob. It was Andrea that became the Sniper not Sasha. Carol killed herself in the comics instead of becoming the strong woman we know now. And Sophia is still alive in the comics but not much of a character.

– In the comics Glenn’s final word was M-m-maggie! It would be so easy to turn that around to him as a survivor watching her die instead of her watching him get killed.

– In the comics Maggie was pregnant when Glenn was killed and went on to become a leader. But we already have a baby on the show. Rick’s daughter was killed in the comics but survives on the show.

– It’s been hinted at this season with Glenn finding a baseball bat in some rubbish outside a house. It was a very specific thing for the makers to show.

– And we don’t really know what all those W’s carved into walker heads are all about. This is me REACHING but Negan’s gang is probably called the Wolves on the show. Imagine that W upside down, like someone holding you down and someone else carving it in. It would look like an M from their perspective.

But basically it’s entirely possible the writers will kill off Maggie instead of Glenn in order to further differentiate the show and the comic.

2. The other thing that MIGHT happen this season is Carl getting his head blown off.

When some things went down in the comics a heard of zombies got inside Alexandria and went to town on the survivors. As they were escaping Carl got shot in the face tearing out one eye and pulling off part of his skull.

Amazingly he survives but is horribly disfigured.

Whether I’m right or wrong, the season finale is going to be brutal. I can just imagine the season ending with chaos at Alexandria and zombies pouring in and the final shot of the season being carl looking up with half his head gone whispering . . . “dad?”

It KILLED me in the comics. I don’t even like to write about it. I have a little boy I love more than anything and would do anything to keep safe. Reading that comic BOTHERED me. I very nearly stopped writing this blog and doing these illustrations because of it.

I still might.

Let’s see what happens this week on The Walking Dead.


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