Night Life

There are a number of movies from around this time so I had to do a little bit of looking just to find this. I wasn’t disappointed.

Night LifeThe Poster:
Is somewhat less than inspiring by today’s standards. The lighting is pretty stock horror movie and the staging is sort of ridiculous. The zombies coming out of the morgue drawers don’t look menacing so much as silly in a Halloweeny sort of way. Then again this IS a comedy so that’s not SO bad.

The Good
This 1989 horror comedy isn’t as bad as the single review I saw on IMDB lead me to believe. It’s definitely no masterpiece either but it’s not trying to be. It’s trying to be a low-budget, kinda funny horror comedy.

The plot is pretty simple, a high school kid working at a mortuary gets picked on a lot and when the kids who are doing the bullying die in a car accident, lightning brings them back as, you guessed it, zombies! Yay! This gives them the opportunity to keep on picking on him from beyond the grave.

The Cast is pretty awesome. When I looked at the cast list I recognized a lot of names but only Sean Astin the original Gomez Adams jumped out at me. You might recognize some of the other actors from a lot of the other projects they’ve done like Mark Pellegrino who played Jacob on LOST. This is kind of like the cheap horror movie most good actors have in the deep dark depths of their resumes.

The Bad
The Jokes, the plot and the science are all pretty junior high school level but then I was in junior high when this movie came out so I can imagine this appealing to me when it came out.

The jokes bounce back and forth between a sort of dry deadpan, (forgive the pun,) and slapstick with corpses dropping off gurneys and smacking their heads. I can’t say there’s much hilarity going on here but it got a few light laughs out of me.

The plot isn’t terrible so much as it’s full of cliche’s. The dickhead jocks with the hot girlfriends pick on the nerdy kid who gets along great with the cute but tomboyish girl who likes cars. It’s all pretty typical nerdy guy wins out in the end.

The science involves electricity bringing back the teens and turning them into zombies. Wasn’t that how Jason came back in one of the Friday the 13th movies? I can’t remember which one now. Like a lot of other stories a mysterious chemical seems to be partly responsible for whatever is going on with the now living dead. So mysterious chemicals and lightning . . . it either means zombies or the Flash and this time we got zombies.  

The Ugly
I actually kind of enjoyed this movie despite not really being floored by it. Given a little more edginess in the gore or the horror or maybe a bit more in the humor section it could have been a little more successful. Horror comedies are a tricky thing. It can’t be too much of either genre or else one will overtake the other. But if it doesn’t push one hard enough it won’t be memorable. Movies like the Evil Dead (Bruce Campbell) or Dead Alive manage to push both aspects hard enough that they balance out. Others like this, seem to play it safe, not too much comedy and not too much actual horror.


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