Tony Horton and The Walking Dead

Every once in a while on this little zombie blog of mine I’ve mentioned how important it is to stay in shape in case the big day of the zombie apocalypse comes along. Or in case you randomly bump into any other situation like moving into a new apartment where having a muscle or two might come in handy.

The best way of doing that is EXERCISE! that’s right ladies, get up and get moving and don’t be afraid to pump a little iron with some nice running mixed in. Yeah I know it’s a pain but so is having a big gut, back pain, diabetes, no energy and looking like a slob. At some point, you have to ask yourself if the discomfort of looking and feeling like crap really outweighs the discomfort and inconvenience of exercise. Hopefully at some point you’ll see the pros of choosing the latter path and making yourself feel good in the process. And what better way to do that than with Tony Horton and P90X! (That’s what got me started and now I love exercise.) Click here in case the embed doesn’t work.

I’m also willing to put my money where my mouth is and show off just a little bit by saying how much I love fitness and staying in shape. I’m not huge, I don’t need or want to be, but I’m fit, I’m flexible and I feel good. Do I need or want to be the next Arnold? No, not really. But I do want to be the best me I can.

Mike's BackDon’t worry, I was wearing pants. Trust me on that.

Mike's GymLiving in Tokyo it’s VERY hard to find room to exercise but I’m lucky enough to have put together a nice little space for myself in my home.

RunAnd when the weather is warm it’s great to go for a run down by the river.

Hey let’s be honest, the zombies are probably never going to catch you, but time will, so get moving.


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Mike Kloran

Educational Designer from Brooklyn New York. I'm a teacher, an artist, an athlete and constantly doing, making, drawing, creating! It's a busy life but I'm doing what I love and that's what matters most to me!

2 thoughts on “Tony Horton and The Walking Dead”

  1. Damn, looks like you beat me to it! I’ve been thinking of doing a very similar post since the over-excesses of last Christmas. Nice post though, and that’s a good little exercises space you’ve carved out for yourself. All I’ve got is a kitchen that doubles as my exercise space when it’s not being used for it’s real purpose. It keeps me fit(ish) thought, so I guess it’s not too bad.


    1. Yeah it’s pretty surprising what you can get done in that space. My kitchen was my space to work out in both my last apartments.

      Keep pumping that iron!


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