Resurrect Dead Toynbee

Most of the movies I do write ups for on Mondays are zombie related but I’m going to break from that for a moment and bring you a totally NOT zombie movie with a  very zombie name.

And you’re going to love it, because it’s true.

If you live in a metropolitan area, particularly on the east coast you may have seen unusual street art like this tile embedded in the ground. And although there are all sorts, types and varieties, this particular tile and all it’s brothers have an incredibly mysterious story behind them.

The Message:
Toynbee Idea
In Kubrick’s 2001
Resurrect Dead
On Planet Jupiter

Ok so on the surface it seems pretty witchy. But what is it and what does it mean? Is it an ad? Or a message? What the hell is Toynbee? And how did these tiles get placed all over, like at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel? To find out, check out this amazing documentary:

Resurrect Dead Toynbee

The Plot
For the past few decades a number of these mysterious tiles have been showing up in and around metropolitan areas on the East Coast. How they got there and who was making them, along with what they meant is a total mystery. But one young guy, Justin Duerr, became obsessed with solving the mystery.

The movie features interviews with tile researchers and information about the tiles themselves and how they got there.

The Good / Bad / Ugly
All I can say is it’s amazing. It’s made like a lot of entertainment documentaries in that it’s got creepy music overlays and stylistic animation and reenactments going on. Lots of creepy old photos and plenty of seemingly unanswerable questions. This may seem like a way of jazzing up an otherwise boring story but in fact the story itself is a lot more interesting than the creepy mood of the movie.

Of all the entertaining documentaries I’ve seen lately, this one gets the job done right. This is no bullshit “Ancient Aliens.” It’s a real story with practical investigation and confidently answers all the questions it sets out to.


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