Last Hope: Zombie Sniper Game

Last Hope: Zombie Sniper Game

I haven’t been playing games that much lately but this one came across my radar a while back and I thought I’d give it a shot.

The setting is fun and makes a bit of sense. You’re in a relatively flat area with low hills in the background and fences to funnel zombies into a particular are ago fire at. You use a sniper rifle to take the bloody buggers out and hopefully not get yourself eaten in the process.

As it was a free app it was nice. I’m not going to say I played it very long but it was alright. Again, it takes a lot to seduce me into playing a game. This one didn’t really turn me on that much. The zombies look alright but I didn’t have any sort of story to go with and didn’t care if my character got eaten or not. I sort of wished he could get up and move around and wasn’t sure why, when the zombies came he didn’t get the hell up and move away to a better spot. As the game goes on you can get better, more powerful weapons and you know how it works. You fight more zombies, they get faster, and all that. It’s a pretty typical shooter.

For me a better game would be one where you move into an area, find a position to shoot from and use it as long as you can until you have or choose to move. It would look like Metal Gear and be awesome.

Anyway, give this game a try and if you like it or hate it, sound off in the comments below or in the reviews on iTunes.

sniper rifle
Spot the zombies
Get them in your sites.
blow up zombies
Objects on the ground sometimes come in handy for blowing up multiple targets.


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