It’s been a while since I used Instagram but I did get back on there recently on a whim. (My ID is The_Stinking_Dead by the way.)

Anyway I was looking around on there and came across this account for “Anizombs.” Have you seen these things? I swear they’ve come up in my news feed a few times but I didn’t know where they were from.

So basically this is a series of animals turned zombie which are wicked cute. There are three types, Anizombs of the home, savannah and the deep.


And you know you want one.

Check them out at their website:

From their website: 

Product Details:
The Animazombs are a horde of zombie animal characters being brought to life through a release of plush toys on the Kickstarter crowd-funding website with the intention of creating a multi-platform, highly collectible brand. Alongside the plush characters, other Animazombs goodies can be earned as the campaign runs through its ‘stretch-goals’ including collectible cards, giant versions of the characters and even a plush version of the Professor behind everything!

Brand Description:
The Animazombs are a horde of misunderstood, clumsy, attention-seeking zombie animal softies who just want to be loved! Brought to life by the delightfully eccentric Professor Unbound, these creations didn’t quite come out as he’d intended, but he became quite fond of their zany ways and decided to keep them that way. Although their existence is a mystery, Professor Unbound has released information about his creations which will be made available to Kickstarter backers in the hope that proceeds will fund further research into his amazing World of Animazombs! With the addition of future series, new ranges will be added and existing ones expanded as Professor Unbound fills his lab with his zany loveable pets.

Brand Backstory:
Professor Unbound, keen palaeontologist and scientist, has spent the majority of his life creating wacky inventions to one day bring the long-lost dinosaurs back to life. His first attempts at bringing creatures back to life were his Grandson’s long deceased pets (he’d kept them in cold-storage… that’s not weird, it’s frugal, you never know when you might need them!). Spliced with human DNA, they looked slightly rotten but adopted human characteristics, emotions and the ability to talk – and using his infinite creativity he termed them animal-zombies, or ‘Animazombs’ for short.Housing them in specially created bio-domes of his vast and secretive Unbound Lab, the Professor tested the process on other subjects, and following success with Savannah and Ocean corpses he made his first trip back in time (he’s a pretty good inventor) to study the dinosaurs and work on a method to bring them to present-day. However, due to the clumsiness of an Animazomb – no names (the Giraffe did it), he ended up trapped in the past, unable to return.Eventually realising their mistake, Tom’s Animazomb pets pay him a visit at home while he sleeps and explain the situation, leading him back to the forbidden lab. Tom manages to return his Grandfather to present day and demands an explanation; with the secret out the Professor agrees for Tom to assist in collecting new subjects and completing work for him on one condition – no one must find out about the Animazombs!

The Animazombs were created by Ashley Yeates, founder of Asholay Distribution Ltd and the Nanoblock UK brand. The initial concept focused around a plush toy offering until following further industry advice pulled away from this and directed the brand deeper within the standard Toy sector. With the inevitable brick-walls and insurmountable demands for a small budget the concept quickly restored to its original premise and launched on the fast growing Kickstarter platform where the results are eagerly waiting to be seen.


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