The Living Dead: the series

Well I was surprised as you are. The Living Dead is a TV show?

As I was casting about for my next zombie movie to review I came upon this video on YouTube. And no, it’s not what you think.

The Living Dead BBC

The Living Dead is a documentary series from 1995 produced by the BBC which investigates how history is sometimes manipulated to tell the tale people want it tell. For example when the Nazi’s were building their new Reich, they used interpretations of history to support the idea of the supreme state. We see this sort of thing all the time.

Living in Japan I am constantly reminded how Japan faces its own wartime history, by playing the part of the victim. This surprised me as I thought most countries like Germany had sort of owned up to what happened back in the day. But I meet people about once a week who talk about how they don’t understand why people in other countries like China don’t like Japan. These aren’t bad people at all. They simply believe what they have grown up being told, that Japan was the victim, not the aggressor during the war. Kind of surprising take on culture.

I should say, because I find history and culture so fascinating and politics so horrible, I live in Japan, it’s a perfectly wonderful place with plenty of amazing people and plenty of horrible people just like any other country. I do wish there were more open dialogue about the pat in order to move forward and create better, more peaceful relations with the surrounding countries. Culturally, the Japanese tend to look to the future, to forget past problems and simply move on. That’s on an individual, personal level, as well as a national level.

Also, The Emperor is directly at odds with the current Prime Minister over just this issue, stating that Japan must learn lessons from it’s wartime past. Here’s a link to a brief article about it. 


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