[Rec] is hands down one of my favorite movie series in the horror genre. I’ve done little write ups of all the preceding movies: [Rec], [Rec]2, [Rec]3 and am glad to say I finally got a chance to see [Rec]4.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

REC_4_PosterThe Poster:
Here we have Angela, the character from the first two movies with the sea behind her and covered in blood. She’s got some sort of a weed whacker (actually a boat motor,) so we can guess a few things:
– This story takes place on a  boat or near the sea,
– Angela is back and if you’ve seen the first two movies you know this might not actually be a good thing,
– this is going to be a hell of a good movie because, Angela is, after all, a freaking bad ass.

The Good:
The first movie was a great piece of filmmaking of its time as it used the first person perspective angle so popular since the Blair Witch Project to show us what was happening from the victims’ points of view. We totally broke away from this in the third movie as it had been played out as far as it could though elements of it still existed. Here, in [Rec]4 we have a nice combination of standard movie visuals with interspersed images from the ship’s security cameras that play an integral role in the story telling. This is a nice way of doing justice to the original style and still maintaining the break from that style.

The plot is a bit predictable but since this is the fourth installment in the series you would have to be dense not to guess what’s going to happen:
The sickness gets out, zombies start ripping shit up, and the action just ramps up from there.

The Bad:
– It’s a bit of a cliche that I mentioned in another review recently but the captain of the ship is on his last voyage. Yawn. It’s always the captain’s last trip or the pilots last flight or something. Why? No one cares. It’s only important when it’s part of the story like in Titanic. That was actually a historical truth, not a story telling cliché.

Oh! and the ship is heading into a storm. Come on! What ship or plane in a scary movie ISN’T heading into a bad storm.

Oh! and the ship has a self-destruct system. I swear, every ship or plane seems to have one of these things. It’s like Captain Kirk went back in time and told everyone it was a must-have thing on their ships.

– The copy I watched was all in Spanish which I loved because I love hearing the actors’ original voices. Unfortunately I didn’t have subtitles but I was still able to understand most of what was going on. It made me wish I understood Spanish more and had studied a bit harder in high school. So, to Ms Ondash, my high school Spanish teacher, I have to say, I am sorry for not having done that.

The Ugly:
This is supposedly the last installment of the series but we are still left with questions and a bit of a cheap teaser at the end. The parasite which seemed to have caused all this trouble is finally apparently gone having been eaten by a fish once landing in the ocean. This seems a bit of a let down for me. I get that the series is over, and the thing is meant to be gone, lost in the ocean, but it’s being swallowed whole by a fish feels like it’s just going to live on. A big plot point in this movie is that the infection caused by the parasite could VERY easily be spread through tainted food. Soooo, “Who’s going to cook and eat that fish?” seems like the obvious question here.


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