Inside a body farm

A while back I was surprised to learn that some teachers I worked with didn’t know that doctors study on real cadavers in medical school. I was really surprised since it was totally agains my experience growing up in my own culture. In my case I saw that sort of thing, autopsies, medical videos, science programs on TV all the time. It came in art classes and history classes and I didn’t see how it could have slipped by people in this day and age.

photo credit: Photograph of a human skeleton found lying in scrub, CA. 1900-1910. Owned by the State Library of Western Australia. Photo is public domain.

So when this video came across my newsfeed on Facebook today via IFLScience I was pretty interested. The video describes a fascinating place in Texas where researchers leave human bodies outside in the elements to see how they deteriorate. It helps in a number of ways but I want to encourage you to watch the video and find out more about it for yourself.

Click here for the awesome video. 

I initially thought I might put a warning about the content on this particular page here but then thought that seemed a bit silly.


Because in fact there’s nothing offensive here. You’re living on a planet surrounded by living creatures, plants, bugs, animals and more that go through some amazing changes in the course of their existence. We are born into existence, live for a time and then die and decompose. That’s a very transient state of being. The fact is, as you may here stated in the video, it is rare for us to interact with death in our society although it is a natural part of the life cycle. We don’t kill the plants we eat, or the animals. We rarely see them as anything other than nicely cut bits of meat. Yet we are all part of this system. The fact that we are not exposed to death in our modern society is actually the deviation from the norm.


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