Plane Dead

Usually when I find a cheaply made zombie flick I really enjoy it. I think if I were a bit drunker or with a bunch of friends I would get a bit more out of this one. So that’s how I recommend watching it. Get REALLY drunk with some buddies.

Incidentally this is was also released as Flight of the Living Dead. Catchy title.

Plane Dead
The Poster:
Ok this is really the DVD cover but that’s about as good as it gets. As DVD covers of this magnitude go it’s about what I would expect. You’ve got most of the main characters, the plane and a catchy image of zombies doing their thing plus a quick catch phrase. What else do you want?

The Good: 
If you just want to have some crazy laughs with a cheap B movie, this might be the one for you. Its total lack of anything scary, save a few jump scares, and complete predictability leaves it open to whatever goofy fun you want to have with it.

The Bad: 
It’s FULL of bad movie clichés. The captain on his last flight, the secret in the cargo hold, the psycho on the plane with the police escort, the sports star, the storm that’s closing in, the well meaning but clearly misguided scientists. The list goes ON and ON.

I’ve been on a lot of flights and I’ve never seen one like the ones we see in this movie and others like it. There’s tons of room everywhere on the plane, it’s not particularly packed with people and there’s a nifty spiral staircase leading wherever that thing goes.  Somehow planes in movies become like flying office buildings. Lots of levels and twists and turns that I never seem to find on my flights. And this one has THE biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen on an airplane.

It’s quiet too. I mean i know it’s a movie and you can’t have the sound of the plane going the whole time but somehow my flights are always way way noisier than what I see here. Some of the scares depend on things sneaking up on people and occasionally on noises, bumps and bangs. I doubt anyone would ever really be able to hear those noises. So it came across as unrealistic to me.

Aside from that the list of unbelieveables includes all the bullets, explosions, electrical occurrences and the zombie horde rampaging through the plane without it crashing or having holes punched in its side. It’s a miracle it stayed in flight as long as it did.

And one other thing that sort of bugged me was near the end when the plane finally touches down; it blasts through rock as it crashes, as though the plane were some single, solid object that could smash things around it instead of being ripped to shreds.

The Ugly:
Watching this for the second time in order to write this wasn’t really fun. It just doesn’t have a lot of rewatchability. The further the movie goes on the more it seems like an action movie than a horror movie, then at a bunch of times it’s more like a comedy. Like when one character spears a zombie with an umbrella which then opens on the other side of its head. By the end I wished they had just gone full comedy.

I mean they already have a zombie Joker. He’s just goofy as all hell. He’s the zombie that just . . . keeps. . . going.

plane dead ridiculous


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