Warm Bodies

I remember posting the preview for this when it came out and having high hopes. I’ve finally gotten around to doing a quick review of it.

The Poster:
The poster works in that it does what it’s meant to do. It offers the main characters, our star-crossed lovers, in a slightly romantic moment. It’s only a slightly romantic movie after all. The tag line works as do the graphics. It aims to connect to the viewer by getting the tagline out to you which is why it stands out so strongly in white. The name of the movie isn’t really all that important after all. At least it needs the explanation the tagline offers.

The poster looks like it’s trying to be a bit retro. Old fashioned rough like it’s an original band poster or old school film poster when we know it’s not. It’s trying to give itself a bit more cred than it actually has since it’s a new movie.

The Good: 
They offer a decent explanation for what the zombies are doing by stating that they eat people, but the brains are the best part because they imbue the eater with the victims’ memories and experience. I’m not sure if that was in the book the film is based on, I’m just basing this on viewing the film. But it makes a kind of sense in the world they are building.

I have to admit as much as I kind of crap on this movie for all it’s hipster-wannabe bullshit and the MASSIVE leaps it takes in storytelling like glowing hearts and humans that turn into boney monsters and zombies who come back to being human simply through the miracle of love . . . I am also sort of a sucker for a happy ending. So yeah. I’ll admit, I do kind of liked that.

I won’t go so far as to say this is good but it’s really interesting that the movie borrows so much from Romeo and Juliet.

“The story is based loosely on “Romeo and Juliet”. “R” = “Romeo”; “Julie” = “Juliet; “Perry” = “Paris”; “M/Marcus” = “Mercutio”; “Nora” = Juliet’s “Nurse” (the character of Nora is also a nurse).”

You’ll notice this most obviously in the “balcony scene.”

The Bad: 
It has an amazing soundtrack. A little too good. Movies have soundtracks that rock like you wouldn’t believe. Look at Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction. They are incredible organic parts of the movies. Or pieces from movies like John Williams’ work. The great songs in this movie are great but they seem to be trying really hard to connect to hard core music fans in a simple rom com.

They go for the Polaroid photos over regular film, records over iPods and it just seems like they are trying really hard to appeal to the hipsters the movie is aimed at or at least their little brothers and sisters.

The movie feels a bit forced as it tries to connect to the real zombie fans by making references to great zombie flicks like Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2 and by keeping a bit of real zombie violence in the film. A bit more than say Shaun of the Dead.

The Ugly: 
When the zombies start coming back to their former human selves they show signs of life again like beating hearts. GLOWING beating hearts. Yeah, cause that’s normal. It’s also a bit out there that zombies gain the memories of their victims through eating them. Again, it’s actually a good story telling device but it doesn’t really make any sense.

It’s pretty much a nice safe movie. It’s a violent zombie flick that appeals to guys, it’s a romantic movie about a bad boy outsider that appeals to the girlfriends. The way the movie plays out just sort of puts me off in that it’s another romantic comedy about a couple with an issue to overcome but love wins out over all.


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