I don’t know

ids are funny when you find them doing something they maybe shouldn’t be doing. I don’t know how it applies across cultures exactly but loads of kids, when making noise get called out by their parents.

Parent: “What are you doing up there!?”
Kid: “I nothing.”
Parent: “What’s all that noise?”
Kid: “I don’t know.”

I sort of picture zombies this way sometimes. I mean, why DO they eat people? There’s a lot of inconsistency in the story telling as writers try to explain it. Return of the Living Dead had the clearest most straight forward answer I’ve ever seen. They eat brains because they can feel themselves rot and eating brains makes the pain go away.

I’m not sure I can really buy that though. It works in that story to a point but even in those stories the zombies still eat flesh. Which is a bit inconsistent. I guess the flesh could act like an aspirin for them? Still, there’s nothing in most other story telling (and certainly not in science) that supports that idea.

In some stories we see that the zombies just sort of eat. Like in Romero’s Day of the Dead we get a scientist experimenting on a dead soldier who finds that most of the brain and other organs can be stripped away and the creature still tries to eat. It derives no sustenance yet it still tries to consume.

We’ve also got the explanation in 28 Days later that a virus makes people particularly angry and they just go nuts.

The amazing thing I find though is that the majority of zombies are just evil. They are possessed, they are demons, they are resurrected wizards or psychics or whatever. But they are basically just evil bastards.

Every Monday I try to post a movie review, usually of some cheap old horror flicks. If you look at a few of them you’ll find lots of examples of some really nasty evil brutes. SO stick around and check them out if you like and let me know what movies you want to see me do a write up of.


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