ZFC-1 Zombie Proof Log Cabin

This is the computer model. I’m guessing they haven’t ACTUALLY built any of these things yet.

This is an awesome zombie survival cabin that came across my newsfeed a few weeks ago. But I was reminded of it recently by Manny over at Eat Prey Limp.

Basically, Tiger Log Cabins, who specialize in . . . well I guess you know what they specialize in from the name right? Well they have a special package designed for the survivalist who’s looking to buy a log cabin that should fit all your zombie protection needs.

This got me thinking about where I’d most like to be during the coming apocalypse and where I’d like to have my family to keep them safe. Oddly enough my apartment is pretty good for this. Close to a river that rarely floods and is well banked, a rooftop patio and larger balconies that allow for food growing, it’s on the second and third floors of our building so it’s easy to block access from outside and we have good views of what’s around us. It’s modern, solid but flexible so it is quake resistant. Since we live in Japan we are always prepared for natural disasters and it’s normal for homes to have storm shutters, emergency lighting and kits. Not bad.

Where would you like to be in case of the zombie apocalypse?


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3 thoughts on “ZFC-1 Zombie Proof Log Cabin”

  1. Where would you like to be in case of the zombie apocalypse?
    Other then the obvious answer, “Not in one”. I would like to be up in the mountains, far away from civilized society, which will be inevitably going to hell. I would hope that it would be easy to get out of town, but I know better, the streets will be clogged and there will be rampage and mass looting across the city. So if one should find him or herself in an apocalypse, I suggest they wait 3-6 days inside of there house and wait for things to settle down. After that, all of the crazy shit should have calmed down a little. This is when you should plan your escape. Acquire a form of transportation that can go off road, and then take a direct path into the wilderness. Sleeping on the roofs off strong building with a sturdy foundation, where ever possible, and when not possible, sleeping in your truck or car and being very quiet.
    Damn, I just did like a mini post! Great blog, you sure got me talking.


    1. Awesome idea.

      I’ve thought about this a lot actually. I live in an area where it’s densely packed with people to the nth degree and I know just getting out of the city would be a nightmare in any situation with or without a car. I live right in the middle of the Tokyo megalopolis. So I’m lucky to have a home that’s well fortified. And since most homes have survival supplies for earthquakes etc. I thought maybe I should hole up here for a while and scavenge a bit.

      Actually I should probably just move to a smaller town.

      But then I think that in the mountains I’ll end up running out of supplies or get eaten by whatever roving bands are about, either human or zombie.

      I may be doomed either way!


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