What do you want in your Man Crate?

Yesterday I put up a post about Man Crates  Zombie survival crate. It has some pretty sweet camping items which also double as pretty decent weapons that could be turned against the undead hordes banging on your door.

It got me thinking about what I would want to have in a crate like that. A bunch of times, I’ve been playing video games and come across supply crates or item boxes chocked full of goodies. I always hope for whatever items I need at the time like ammo or medicine etc.

I want to know what you would want to find in that crate! Let us all know in the comments below and check out the ten items I would want to have.

Let’s see what’s inside!
folding shovel
a folding shovel can be a weapon or a super useful tool
hand crank survival tool
a hand crank powered light/ slash survival device.
a machette (and hopefully a sharpener!)
med kit
a med kit I hope to never use
a good-quality poncho
solar phone charge case
solar powered iPhone charger to keep my communications and information device running.
TP – because chap ass is a killer
water purifier
water purifier, tablets or pump
waterproof matches
waterproof matches

So what do YOU think? Are these things enough? What would you want to find in your crate? For another great example check out this fun PDF the folks over at Man Crates put together. It’s a fun look at what we might want to have with us during the zombie attack.

Man Crates _ The Horror


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One thought on “What do you want in your Man Crate?”

  1. I want to have more, a good-quality plastic shoes (light and anti-wet), a sewing kit, a fold cup, multi-function Swess knife, and finally a good qualiti backpack


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