Zombieland the series

Did you know about this? I just heard about this monstrosity the other day: Zombieland the series.

zombieland the series
o when I sat down to rewatch Zombieland for my review yesterday I searched around for a little information and turned up the TV series. Apparently it was commissioned by Amazon and got dropped after the pilot episode. From what I’ve read a lot of fans were up in arms about the characters on the show being the same characters from the movie.

Watching the episode it was pretty clear that the actors were trying pretty hard to emulate the way the original actors played their parts.

Since it’s just one episode it’s hard to say how it might have played out over time but it wasn’t bad for a pilot. Pilots typically need time to find their voice and this one already had a voice to step into but actors who had a lot to prove. As it was trying to continue the story from the movie they did as much as they could to reference it for familiarity as you might expect but that didn’t play well with fans.

Not being a big fan of Zombieland, the show was about as good as I expected and was as entertaining as the movie for me. It had a lot of the same logical gaps like power being on everywhere and a distinct lack of people.  I don’t think I would go back to watch it again. It’s no Walking Dead.


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2 thoughts on “Zombieland the series”

  1. I was wondering if they’d ever getting around to doing this. Apparently the original concept was for a Zombieland TV show (the kill of the week would have been a running gag, all the characters would have been place names, etc.). I figured it was only a matter of time before someone gave it a shot. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t get the actual actors to sign on. Though that might not have guaranteed success. Clueless the series and My Big Fat Greek Life kept many of the same actors from the original series, and experienced relatively little success. M.A.S.H., on the other hand, did a complete overhaul (though they changed the tone a bit as well) and was wildly successful. Overall, I think they probably could have gotten a decent show out of it, but it makes no sense to have a guy trying to play Woody Harrelson playing Tallahassee.

    On a tangentially related note, I very badly would like to see a World War Z series that stays as true as possible to the book. I get why the movie couldn’t; I’m over it. But a World War Z series, told in flashbacks by an enthnographer and his or her interviewees (a similar structure has worked in The Wonder Years and, more recently, How I Met Your Mother), would be pretty amazing.


    1. The first episode is worth the watch just to check it out and see how it could have been. It’s pretty slickly put together but it is a bit too similar to the movie. New characters would have helped it a lot.


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