This is a really fun little post to write because I absolutely love everything about this movie.

The Poster:
There were a number of poster images out there but  I gravitated to this one. It’s stark, it’s dark and it tells us what it has to without too much fuss. I think it looks better without the reviewer comments but still in all it works.

The Good:
The movie follows a group of modern-day mercenaries somewhere near a conflict zone in Eastern Europe who are searching for an old Nazi-era bunker left over from the war. And for whatever reason they need to get in there.

This is fantastic. It’s the sort of thing a great scary story starts out with: a simple, realistic place that is pretty freaky. Europe is littered with remnants from the war and there are plenty of old bunkers out there. I remember scuttling around on a few myself when I was a kid. The idea of crawling around in one and finding something … it sort of fires the imagination. So this movie sets us off on that wonderful, if predictable, path of discovery. We have to assume it’s nazi gold right?

Oh hell no.

This is neither good nor bad but strictly speaking these zombies are not quite the zombies you might expect in a typical “brains” sort of film. They are more like time traveling, undead, murderous, super soldiers who are out to destroy all life they encounter. And that’s pretty damned freaky. It’s a bit like the Philadelphia Experiment was done on people instead of a boat. (And that’s what they say in the film as well.)

The Bad:
Everything good I said about the plot above has it’s equal in the mires of horror movie cliche. Here we have a rough bunch of mercenaries hired by a wealthy patron to go in and do something they don’t really know much about. They are meant to complete the mission with only a bit of information but once they get there and get to work all hell breaks loose and the simple mission turns out to be a fight for their lives. I mean I might as well have described James Cameron’s Aliens right there, or [Rec]2 minus the wealthy patron.

The Ugly:
This movie came out in 2007 and received a cult following because of how well it was made on a rather short budget. The story that was going around was that the husband and wife team behind the film went so far as to mortgage their house in order to get the movie made. That sort of passion is really appreciated by fans and helped boost the popularity of the movie. That is one of the reasons I love this movie and one reason I’m so sorry to see it was virtually remade in 2012 in the form of a movie called Dead Mine about a Japanese WWII bunker in Indonesia that’s also full of the undead. I’ll do a review of Dead Mine somewhere down the road but Outpost is the better of the two films.

During one scene two main characters are in the bunker and are watching an old war film about the experiments that were being done in the bunker. During the old film one sequence cuts in showing the nazis plans through a piece of war animation that looks nothing like 1930’s or 40’s animation, appears to be computer generated and also depicts the Nazis in a frightening way totally unlike how they would have depicted themselves.

All in all I really liked this movie mostly because it was made fairly well for fairly little money. I think another studio would have made the exact same movie and spent four times as much money on it.


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