Too hot for zombies

hot (add sun)
I’ve heard a lot of people say they want to go north when the zombie apocalypse happens. I posted once before why I think that’s not the best idea, You can check that post out by clicking here, but basically the lack of supplies and the difficulty of keeping warm and staying alive in the cold environment is already incredibly hard even without zombies trying to eat your flesh.

That’s why I’d rather head south.

I guess I’m probably one of those people who would like to end up on an island someplace; ideally a beautiful tropical island where I can get a tan. Realistically I know that’s not going happen for most people. Since I live in Japan, I suppose there is some chance of making it to one of the smaller southern islands.

Islands aside, I’d much rather end up someplace warm. Unless I end up in the tropics which is not likely to happen anytime soon I’ll still have to think about fuel and keeping warm in the winter months but that won’t be as bad as it would be if I headed north. Food will grow more readily in warmer climates and if I’m lucky I’ll have a better chance of foraging for food like wild greens and berries.

There’s also the effect the heat has on the dead. Zombies in cold areas are more likely to stay active longer. After all the cold Will help keep them fresh just like a refrigerator. Sure it’ll slow them down a little bit, but it’ll slow me down even more.

A lot of stories gloss over the fact that the dead rot. For storytelling purposes it’s important that the zombies not rot too quickly or that they stick around for a long time to continue to be menacing. But real flesh and bone, blood and guts, doesn’t hold up too well in warm weather.

The skin of the dead left out in the sun will bubble and crack as it burns. Their guts will roil with flies and maggots devouring them. And they will fall apart much more quickly.

So for me, I’m getting my sneakers on, my sunscreen ready, and I’m heading south!



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Mike Kloran

Educational Designer from Brooklyn New York. I'm a teacher, an artist, an athlete and constantly doing, making, drawing, creating! It's a busy life but I'm doing what I love and that's what matters most to me!

3 thoughts on “Too hot for zombies”

  1. I agree, zombies will rot and their bones will break. With humans, if you are lucky enough to survive a muscle being pulled, it will regrow, but with zombies they will continue to be hindered until they rot or they get a blow to the head. Great plan, I think I will be meeting you down south. B-)


  2. Hey Mike,

    This post got me thinking about the role of the audience in shaping the conventions of zombie fictions. And that led to a post of my own that also is kind of a review of your blog. Check it out.

    Also, I posted two of your drawings on that post. I credited you, but I didn’t ask, so if you are comfortable with me using them, or want them credited differently, just let me know. I will gladly handle it however you want.

    Let me know what you think.

    Oh, also, that zombie portrait site is bad ass. I will definitely be posting on that later.

    Take care, man


    1. Hey Manny,

      No worries at all. I just read the post and saw the images you used and it’s all good. Thanks for mentioning me!

      I’ll reply to that post in a bit in the comments section.


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