Zone of the Dead

I found this movie listed as Zone of the Dead but the credit sequence called it Apocalypse of the Dead.

zone of the deadThe Poster:
This is the better of the poster images I’ve seen. Good text placement and enough messy shit going on all over the place that you might not notice how bad the movie is actually going to be.

zone-posterThen we have this poster.

As budget posters go for budget B movies this one is pretty bad. The figures in silhouette against the green haze in the background are the only half way decent thing about it. The Green fog reeks of bad photoshopping and the character photos are just as bad. I almost missed the title on this image, in red, near the bottom of the cast photo.

The Good:
There are some decent gore effects but if you’re looking for your zombie fix, you’d be better served by going back and rewatching the Walking Dead.

The Bad:
– The actors voices are so bad at times it’s almost like watching a Fulci movie. How could the sound be SO badly overlaid in this day and age?

– Like a lot of B movies this one tries to make its content more frightening or horrific by adding in lots of incongruous material. Bad-ass interpol agents, a chemical spill, a mysterious prisoner, a psychotic killer, power outages, an archaeological team that unearths three-hundred-year-old plague victims and on and on and on. All of this hung on a weak plot that can’t take the weight.

– This movie is full of terrible cliché’s. Cops who keep talking about how routine this run is going to be. Cops talking about only unholstering their gun twice … UNTIL NOW! Improbable chemistry the entire plot hinges around can’t be explained and is just brushed off. Cops who have to align themselves with their mysterious prisoner. A psycho who spouts bible quotes. Zombies who bust in the door just as the main character manages to get the window open. Yaaaawn.

The Ugly:
It’s a bit off-putting when a cheap movie like this throws famous names in just to “pay homage” to those people. It comes off feeling even more like a B movie than it needs to. So when you have a character called Savini to honor the great special FX master, it just puts me off.

It’s even worse that the movie relies on classic movie actors to try and pull in a few viewers. In this case it’s Ken Foree who played Peter in Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead. This just smacks of and Ed Wood movie with Bella Lugosi. It even manages to get said actor to repeat his line from the old movie. Not buying it sorry. It doesn’t seem like an honor, it seems cheesy.


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