Return of the Living Dead 2

This is a movie review I’ve been dreading doing for some time. Partly because it would mean sitting down to watch this movie again and partly because I’ve already mentioned quite a bit about it in other posts. Bottom line, this is a TERRIBLE sequel to a BRILLIANT first movie.

The only thing that comes to mind here is Falcor from the never ending story.

falcor chunkSee what I mean.

It’s meant to remind us of the smoky amazing ending to the first movie, a brilliant piece of horror fiction but trips so hard it’s actually an accurate foreshadowing of how bad this and the rest of the movies in this series are going to be. It’s also kind of crazy in that this movie completely ignores the events of the first movie’s ending which are hinted at in the poster.

And before I go any farther, let me say this: This movie shits on the grave of the original in more ways than are easily counted.

If you haven’t seen the original, do so.
You can read my review here.
Everything good about this movie is in the original.

Where to begin?!  I think I’ll go with a light cinema sins style review and just list up the crap points.

– Crappy narration sets a “this is a goofy horror movie” mood instead of a “this is a story you’ll care about” mood.
– “Typical Army screw up” cliche used to explain the loss of deadly zombie-filled canisters.
– Movie seems to completely gloss over the ending of the first film (mentioned above.)
– Sequel introduces a kid protagonist and “bully” antagonists who are about as realistic as Manakin Skywalker. He’s also unimaginably calm and collected in the face of what for any normal kid would be mind blowing crazy run-ins with the face of horror.

return of the living dead 2 kid– The music is terrible. SOOOOO terrible.

– Tarman, who was killed off in the first film kind of sort of comes back in this movie. It’s actually a totally different zombie but looks the same.

– Lots of screwy points of logic. For example two canisters of highly toxic material held out in the open being checked by guys in hazmat suits taking great care about how they handle the canisters. However they are being guard by totally unprotected MP’s only a few feet away.

– Apparently you can punch a zombie in the face to kill them?

– Apparently electrocution kills zombies? Also keep an eye out for the Michael Jackson zombie near the end of the movie. It’s almost neat.
Michael Jackson zombie

If this were just a straight horror comedy it would be great. But coming on the heels of the first film and reusing so many of the same actors just doesn’t come across as all that funny.  This lead to a lot of confusion on the part of the audience as they weren’t sure what to make of it. Was it meant to be a reboot? A direct sequel? An alternate universe? Even the characters comment on this as they feel as if they’ve done all this before.


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