Zombie Satellites

zombie satellittes
Sometimes as I’m flipping through my newsfeed I come across surprising stories related to zombies that I hadn’t expected or uses of the word that surprise me. This is one such case where the writer talks about the very real problem of dead satellites in orbit around the earth and more specifically what he calls “zombie satellites.”

My particular favorite is this:

” A small satellite, the AO-7 has been orbiting in its dead state since 1981. The 65-pound satellite has drifted silently for a generation and a half, going silent after less than a decade in use when its batteries died, but reviving mysteriously in 2002. Now the satellite’s solar panels provide enough energy to keep it alive, but during eclipses, it returns to its ghostly state.”

Isn’t it fascinating that such a thing could happen? The whole earth could have been killed off in a nuclear holocaust at the height of the cold war and yet the satellite suddenly would still have turned itself on again. Drifting silently trying to communicate with a dead world.


Check out the full article by clicking here.



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