Once again I delve into the horrifying depths of cheap movie making with this little number I came across on YouTube called Corpses. I kind of feel like finding a full movie on YouTube is a lot like finding a VHS tape in the bargain rack of a rental place.

Considering this is a cheap B movie I’m actually pretty happy with the cover. Sure it looks a lot like the poster for Halloween but there are LOTS of posters that feature a creepy face coming out of the darkness with blood all over the place.  They’ve been smart by putting their biggest star on the cover in the biggest way so no complaints there. The figures in the bottom of the frame are mostly in silhouette but we can guess easily enough that they are the titular corpses.

The thing that puts me off about it though, besides being so run-of-the-mill, is that it doesn’t seem to match the tone of the movie, which is sort of lighthearted and goofy.

I’ve been watching a lot of B movies lately, some of which seem to be trying to reach beyond their means and be better than they really are. I got the feeling watching Corpses that the people involved were just sort of having fun. They knew they were making a cheap fun little thing and didn’t take it too seriously. They didn’t try to ham it up and be too funny, they just went in and made the movie.

The weird thing about it, is that it feels a lot more like it was made in 1994 than 2004. There’s something about the lighting, where scenes are too brightly or too softly lit that are right out of a thursday night prime kind of action movie you would see on USA back in the day. That’s actually not a complaint. I used to love those movies.

Honestly, for as bad as it is, it got a few chuckles out of me, but I was drunk at the time.

If you watch this, tell me if Robert Donavan, who plays old man Withers, seems like a budget Brian Cranston to you. I couldn’t stop thinking that the entire time.

The zombies in this movie are a bit unlike the ones I’ve seen in other films in that they follow the directions of the undertaker who created the serum that brings them back from the dead. Unfortunately it does this only for a short time and they act like zombies because they all suffered brain damage when they die so he keeps working on improving it and making better zombies.

Meanwhile his unlikely army of thugs go about town in broad daylight! murdering and screwing things up all over the place like robbing a pawn shop and fighting a whore over a john. The ways they go about trying to steal money to pay the loan back and therefore keep the funeral home are right out of an episode of Scooby-Doo or bad SNL style comedy.

The writing is overly simple in that the small cast of characters are all too tightly related. The funeral home director’s ex-wife is banging the sherif. The Sherif’s daughter is dating the guy that works at the funeral home. There isn’t even an actor from the bank to act on the foreclosure. It’s the chief of police who delivers the notice from the bank straight to his girlfriend’s ex-husband’s place.

In one scene the sherif is in a hotel with a dead hooker zombie. Partway through the scene we stop seeing the sherif and only see the woman. It plays out really strangely because the sherif’s voice can be heard, they are having a key conversation for the plot, but we only hear him off camera and see a stock shot of his hands shooting the woman. It’s as if this scene was extended after Jeff Fahey was already finished filming.

I’m not sure what they edited this on but they should have spent a bit more time on the transitions. There are some pretty amateurish little cuts that look more like something someone made on their home computer. They sort of add to the weird light-hearted mood of the movie but they also seem a bit budget.

There’s an incredibly fun couple of shots of where the sherif comes home to find his girlfriend has been kidnapped, he apparently snaps, throws aside the law and comes out of his garage ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum. It’s pretty amazing because it means he would have had to have had all that zombie fighting gear stowed away ahead of time just in case of a rainy day which is pretty ridiculous.

Favorite quote:
“Life’s a bitch, and so am I.” – Pete Townshend? I remember hearing this in high school.

“How’s this for a cavity search?!”

“I’m off duty.” Out of context it seems sort of meh, but watch the movie and you’ll see why I like it.


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