Rob Zombie

rob zombieI’ve kind of sort of avoided writing anything about Rob Zombie on this zombie blog for one reason, I’m just not a music writer. Friends of mine, maybe people you know, remember every song on an album and all the members of a band. I’m just not that guy. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE music. It gets inside your head and your heart and it makes even the shyest person want to get up and move. So even though the idea of life without music sounds impossible to me, I just don’t ever remember the names of songs or the lyrics to songs.

So that’s my excuse for writing such a short and sort of surface level little blurb about Rob Zombie.

I’ve hardly been to any concerts at all in my life but I have been to a couple of Rob Zombie concerts and they were fantastic. Some of White Zombie’s songs were the only ones where I really did learn all the words to and could sing them along with the band. I remember being sweaty as all hell in the front row with Rob Zombie screaming in my face and me screaming back. The people were so tightly packed together that you had no choice but to move with the undulating mass. It was hot and it was sweaty and if it sounds a bit like sex that’s because music has a lot in common with sex. It’s a moment of life like nothing else.

I don’t actually know much about his movies yet. I’m still pouring over a lot of 70’s and 80’s horror and will eventually get to his movies for good or ill at some point. But I’ll share this little nugget with you. Here’s an interview with Rob and Alice Cooper. Check out how similar their voices are and how great they get along. It’s awesome to see people who make this great art and get along so well. It’s awesome to see people who make things they care about and have fun making them.



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