Resident Evil Code Veronica

Continuing on in my series of game reviews involving the Resident Evil or Biohazard series we’ve come to Code Veronica.

Resident Evil Code Veronica X COVER
Code Veronica kinda feels like the iPhone 4S and 5S. It’s like all the fans were psyched for the next installment but what they got was a sort of half step up. Certainly an improvement over the one before it, but not really the massive leap we’d hoped for.

Let’s face it, it was fun. It is, after all, a Resident Evil game in which you solve silly puzzles and fight nasty monsters. As far as advancing the game play, this game didn’t seem to do much except that when it was rereleased it included a first person shooter version along with a survival side game. I have to admit, I’m NOT a fan of FPS shooter games. I’m old enough to remember people losing their shit for Golden Eye when it came out but me, not being able to tell what the hell was going on in the boxy, horrible graphics on the screen just wasn’t impressed. I do like the idea though and I’m glad they went ahead and included it. It just doesn’t hold a candle to more recent games like Dead Island.

Still for the time, the graphics looked good and it was fun to play. I actually think that statement is a bit misleading. It’s hard for people to actually put themselves in the shoes of people at the time. It’s like whatever your looking at as good effects or graphics or gameplay right now, that you think is so amazing, will basically be considered garbage in a few years, with some decent exceptions.

So even though I do rag on the game a bit here, it was still a great game for its time.

Some of the incremental improvements include being able to pick up and use an herb even if your inventory is full, plus being able to retry parts of a game after having had a bad time of it.

I have to admit this game actually slipped by me entirely. I had already played Resident Evil 4 when I found out about this game and took a step back to play it. The result being I was less than impressed. Primarily because I had gotten used to the game controls in Resident Evil 4. Once you’ve done that, you can never go back. Still, as I said above it really is a nice improvement over previous games, albeit an incremental rather than stunning one.

I think one of the problems I have with this game is the over-the-top nature of some of the bad guys and some of the cut scenes where we see his/their background. There is this sort of aristocratic, foppishness to it that just seems really hard to buy in the 21st century. Or the 20th for that matter. It seems so Baron Von Munchauseny that I could only really buy it if I were living say, in the 1700’s. The characters are shallow and uninteresting and at no time during the game do I care if they live or die.

Overal it was a fun game but these days I’m not sure it stands out enough to make it really worth going back to.

code veronica monster

Nuff said.


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