Sophia was sort of a heartbreaker. So much time was spent looking for her after she went missing that when she finally showed up, once we had finally nearly forgotten about her, it was a kick in the pants. As a parent it was really horrible to see what happened to Sophia. At the same time, as a story telling device she was brilliant.

A lot of people have complained that it took up too much time and the answer to the question, “What happened to Sophia?” just took too long to answer. It’s funny that we feel that way though, cause I’ll admit I felt that way at first too. When you’re watching a show with breaks between episodes, even small events seem to take forever. Hours of show time or days for our characters stretch out into months for us. That’s how Lost felt most of the time. And lets face it, The Walking Dead has a lot of similarities to Lost.

One of those is that when you go back and rewatch the show without all the long breaks between episodes, the questions don’t seem as big and the answers don’t pack as much punch. That’s how I felt when I re-watched the Walking Dead and saw the episodes where Sophia was missing. It actually didn’t take that long at all. But the punch in the gut was just as hard. That’s how I felt at least. Seeing her walk out of the barn . . . it just killed me. And it totally changed how I see everything her mother Carol did after that.


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