The House of Seven Corpses

Right off the bat this feels like the sort of creepy, goofy off the wall horror movie I would have watched when I was a kid and loved. It’s like the kind of horror movie you would want to have seen around Halloween as a junior high school student. The scares aren’t really scary and the drama is pretty hokey but it’s a fun little tale of creepy murder set in a spooky house.

If the title sounds familiar it may be because it sounds a lot like Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses which drew heavily on 1970’s horror flicks. This being one of them.


Let’s start with the poster.
The tag line at the top is great, Eight graves, seven bodies, one killer . . . and he’s already dead.

Visually the poster tells us a lot, the setting is a creepy old house, and the killer is undead. The tag line of the text helps fill in a little more but we don’t know any of the plot details yet. The lighting on the three graves is pretty creepy in a classic, spooky sort of sense but only in the way kids would get scared of green light around Halloween.

THE GOOD: (And by good I mean mediocre)
The story revolves around a film crew who decided to make a movie in a house where seven murders had been committed. In doing so they reenact certain occult rights that bring out a horrible killer who stalks them and begins killing them.

The movie starts with a fake out. We are witness to a Satanic ritual that turns out to be just a scene being filmed for the movie within the movie. The fake out works here because it seems equally as cheep as the rest of the movie.

It’s quite a while into the movie before the actual zombie finally shows up. He’s been brought back by way of black magic and so falls under the occult category of magical zombies. The general feeling here is more that this is a creepy occult movie more than it is an actual zombie flick. The zombie feels more like an undead killer than what we think of as an actual zombie. He’s here to kill people, not to consume them.

If you were a fan of the old school Scooby-Doo mysteries you’ll probably love this movie. The dialogue, story telling and the goofy way in which the story plays out all feel more like a kid’s show than a serious horror movie. The actress creeping through the house at night carrying a lamp, the caretaker who disappears through a grave into a secret room. It’s kind of hilarious.

The acting, when acting is going on, isn’t particularly memorable, however the scenes involving the film crew simply going about their jobs and working come across as incredibly realistic by comparison. There’s some great material there that just feels so naturally off the cuff it makes the rest of the film seem even hokier by comparison.

Favorite Quotes:
That’s Mr. Price huh? What’s his first name? Vincent?

I love this kind of stuff.
Like fairytales?
Sure, fairytales can come true.


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