Zombie in the Shower

zombie in shower
There was an interview I read a few years ago with Steven King regarding a scene in one of his books. I think it was Dreamcatcher. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie but the interview struck me because it did give a bit away about the story. That apparently there is a pretty horrendous scene in a toilet stall or bathroom. In the article, during the interview, King justifies the scene in that the toilet really is the source of a lot of early trauma and fear for people. It’s where you discover you have a bump, are bleeding, discover changes and all sorts of things that can cause fear, emotions and anxiety.

I’d love to dig up that old interview but haven’t done much digging. It was what was gong through my head when I was making this zombie in the shower image though. That there are so manny horror movies and scary moments set in bathrooms and showers not just toilets. The Shining and Psycho are two examples that jump right out at me. It’s also one of the places I’d least like to be when attacked. Alone, naked, wet and incredibly vulnerable with nothing at all useful at hand. It really is a terrifying thought, and the idea of walking into a shower room and finding some horror, some sick wet thing just raises the hairs on the back of my neck.

Remember that scene with the corpse in The Shining? The one in the bathtub? It gives me the willies!

It’s so brilliant, the lust and desire of the shower, a beautiful person and then suddenly the horror of age and rot as what Jack wanted shambles towards him cackling, rough sick skin bursting and splitting with foul ooze.


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