How To Do Everything

I was listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, the NPR news quiz when they happened to mention that the guys over at How To Do Everything were going to have a segment about zombies on their show. In case you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out in the iTunes store or by going to their website by clicking here.

How to do everything

One topic the guys talk about is a scene in the Walking Dead’s first season when Glenn and Rick cover themselves in guts to fool the zombies into thinking they themselves are zombies because the guys would hide their smell.

I always thought this was sort of a bad scene. It plays well but the idea that zombies use smell to pick up humans seemed a little strange. I get it, don’t get me wrong, humans STINK! If you’ve ever been walking down the street and come upon someone who is homeless, sorry, not to be insensitive but there is an incredibly pungent smell even from quite far away. I can smell it, so I assume zombies could too.

The problem is that the zombies smell just as bad and wouldn’t be likely to pick up anyone else’s smell over their own especially when there are so many zombies in that scene.

glenn rick


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