The Real Ghostbusters

Yesterday I posted a little blurb about the corpse cab driver in Ghostbusters. I was actually originally going to post about this episode of the cartoon show. The Real Ghostbusters A note on the name. The reason they are called the “Real” Ghostbusters is because there was another cartoon show that came out called the Ghostbusters. It involved some pretty goofy characters including a gorilla and was actually a spin off of a live action children’s show from the 1970’s. It seems that since the movie was so successful the animation studio decided to go ahead with a cartoon and not having the rights to the Ghostbusters movie they used the old TV show as a springboard for the animated show. So in order to differentiate the two, the one related to the movie was called the Real Ghostbusters. I never knew that as a kid and just thought that the other cartoon was a cheap rip off or silly version like what Gobots was to the Transformers. Now, looking back it seems like the other Ghostbusters came first and actually had dibs on being called “real.”

The 1970’s Ghost Busters

That being said, what I’m actually looking at today is just a quick bit about one particular episode of the TV show that I saw a long time ago when it was first on. The Ghostbusters never really fought zombies, except in one particular episode. The guys are feeling pretty tired after a particularly busy period and decide to get away from the city to spend some time on Ray’s cousin’s farm. By a REMARKABLE twist of fate some ghosts start terrorizing the farm in the form of the undead bodies of the farm’s former owners. Just to be clear, these aren’t really zombies in the standard sense. They don’t eat people and they don’t multiply by way of biting. They also don’t seem particularly rotted but this being a kid’s show I wouldn’t expect them to be too nasty looking. In essence these are ghosts, who have animated some corpses in order to do their haunting. Technically we could call them zombies but these seem to be more like revenants. The bottom line of the story is that the spirits of the farms former owners are upset because they are worried the farm isn’t going to be properly taken care of so they need to be convinced. It’s a pretty fun little episode and a great look at how a lot of cartoons worked at the time. There’s a great scene where a farmer is working on a car and spots Slimer. He casually mentions that Slimer’s friends went that way and then comments to himself, or the camera really that “These city folks get weirder all the time.” Ok never mind he was a green legless ghost that you were talking to and not just an oddball hipster. Again, it’s a kid’s show so they are going for humor. Check out the episode below or on Youtube by clicking here.


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