Beer brains

Ok I’ve heard of beer bellies, but never brain beer. Brain belly? Sweet!

walking dead beer

STEW SHEARER over at the Escapist writes: 
“Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company plans to release a special ale inspired by The Walking Dead to coincide with the upcoming season finale.

With season four of The Walking Dead coming to a close this weekend, many fans of the series are preparing themselves for the sort of shocks that leave you wanting a drink. That in mind, the folks at Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company, will are preparing a special edition “Walker” ale to coincide that it will serve at a special event coinciding with the finale’s airing.”

As interesting as this sounds I’m not sure I would like it. I don’t tend to like fruity flavored beers and the idea of the cranberry puts me off. I use cranberry in salads pretty often but I had a Sam Adams cranberry lambic that was absolutely horrible a few years ago. That and the fact that there are actual brains used in this beer doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

That being said, I would LOVE to try one! The very idea of experimenting with new flavors and using the show as a sort of inspiration for that is really incredible. I think the people at Dock Street Brewing Company have got the right idea, they have a love of their craft, they love what they do and they are free to play with new ideas. Brilliant! If only zombie Santa Clause would come early this year.



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