split dogs

I’ve wanted to get this little fella up here for a long time now. A while back I asked what famous zombies YOU would like to see up here on the site. I’m just going from memory but one of the guys over at Zombease suggested doing Clara the bride from [Rec]3 and the split dogs from Return of the Living Dead. I got the woman from [Rec]3 up here a while ago and I’ve had the sketch for this little guy sitting on my desk since then.

So if you get the chance head on over to Zombease to see THE BEST resource of survival information in the zombie apocalypse I’ve ever found.

split dogs

So what is a split dog?
Veterinary schools and vets use split dogs, usually made of plastic to study and reference the animals innards. In the movie Return of the Living Dead we see a scene in the early part of the movie which takes place in a medical supply company warehouse. A noxious gas gets out that reanimates the dead and it reanimates EVERYTHING. Not just humans but bugs, body parts, and in this case, split dogs (obviously not made of plastic.)

It’s a good indication of how horrifying the zombies are in this movie. Each and every dead part of a thing will come alive when exposed to the chemical and no part will stop until it’s completely burned up. That’s freaky! Even destroying the brain doesn’t work on theose zombies.

I’ve taken a little liberty by including the things’ eye. An actual split dog would have the eye on the other side but I wanted the illustration to look good so I included the eye.


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