Zombie Plane

I don’t usually post on Saturdays just because I work Saturdays and after work tend to be busy with my family or going to the gym. It’s one of my only times to do so. But this afternoon at work I came across this interesting story on CNN and thought it was worth sharing. It involves the currently missing flight 370 and it’s disappearance.

The news has been over-covering virtually every detail of the story but this particular article caught my eye because of the title and didn’t disappoint in it’s content. It’s actually the most rational explanation I’ve heard to date despite the unfortunate title.

zombie pilot
From the article:

Theory: Ghost or zombie plane
The newest — and most provocative — speculation centers on the so-called “zombie theory” advanced most notably by aviation specialist Clive Irving
of The Daily Beast

Other experts, however, dislike his choice of words: “I really don’t like the term ‘zombie plane.’ That connotes a sinister aspect to it. But, I’d prefer it to call it a ghost plane. But, we have seen things like this before,” said William Waldock, a professor at U.S.-based Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

A ghost plane is one where everyone aboard — pilots, crew, passengers — loses consciousness because of a loss of pressurization, an explosion, smoke or fumes, experts say. Under this supposition, the Malaysia plane experienced such an incident and, with everyone knocked out, continued to fly for hours on autopilot until the aircraft ran out of fuel.

Read the rest of the article by clicking here:  Zombie Plane

*NOTE: Although I’m sharing this story here because of its interesting usage of the term “zombie,” I think what happened to the people on the plane is a really horrific ordeal both for them and their families. I don’t think it’s funny or entertaining. And I actually find some interest in the particular theory put forth by Clive Irving in this article.


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