A short while back I did a post about the zombie type from The Walking Dead called coughers. This zombie type is pretty similar.


It’s dubious calling these things spitters. Mostly because I don’t think they really spit. Spitting implies that the creature is able to move its lips when it decides to hock a loogie at you. Rather, the fluid coming out of these things is more like a cough. What I want to point out here, is that there are some zombies which launch fluid at you. Whether they spit, cough or whatever, no matter how they get that fluid in your direction it’s best to just stay clear of them as best you can. It’s highly likely that these things have died of some sort of disease and that if you get their fluids on you or in you you’ll be infected too. This is a basic part of zombie lore as their saliva is meant to be highly infectious.

In a previous post I talked about a zombie type I did call coughers. I like calling them coughers because they seem like disease carriers who pread that disease all around. But the name is a little misleading because they might not actually cough. So I’m calling these ones spitters instead of coffers simply because they actually launch fluid at you. And it’s the launching of fluid that’s key to this particular zombie type.


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