Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies

It’s easy to think that the idea of Nazi zombies is a new thing but this little number from 1981 is a good sign that that’s not the case.
Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies

The Good:
This film has been called alternately Oasis of the Dead, L’Abime des Morts Vivants, The Abyss of the Living Dead, Le Tresor des Morts Vivants, and Treasure of the Living Dead. The copy I’m watching is titled Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies.

And that’s an interesting tidbit don’t you think?

The Bad: 
Wow, where do I start? It’s an incredible understatement to say this movie is hard to watch. First of all the copy I’m watching is pretty degraded and I can only imagine it always looked this bad as I haven’t found any decent photos or stills in better condition than what I’m watching. The camera work is shoddy at best. Choppy zooms, bad camera shaking and a lack of creativity. This is point-and-shoot movie making at its cheapest. The sound quality has also degraded over time so there is a constant hiss on the soundtrack that’s pretty distracting. Add to that the crappy musical recording; some sort of organ from a high school baseball stadium seems to be the best they could manage.

There is an almost Ed Woodiness to the way some scenes are put together with a shot of the sun high up in the sky thrown in to the middle of an attack that happens at night.

The story is one you may be familiar with. A group of treasure hunters are after a hoard of Nazi gold lost in the North African desert which  is being guarded by the zombified corpses of the Nazis who were charged to protect it. I think this was even a Jackie Chan movie once. (minus the zombies.)

So guess what happens? 
The Nazi zombies start eating people.

It would honestly take longer for me to list all the incredible shit points about this movie than I’m willing to spend typing. Although I love a good cheap horror movie, this one is barely watchable. Even as a kid I wouldn’t have been even remotely scared by the bad zombie makeup effects.

A few of my favorite flaws are that no effort seems to have been made to make characters from the 1943 sequence look any older in 1982 even though it had been nearly forty years. And a character who is meant to be pushing 40 by the plot of the story appears to be about twenty something.

The story literally goes nowhere. The zombies are never really explained or defeated. There is a fight at the end where many of them are burned but if they had been cleared away, and totally defeated, it would mean the gold the treasure hunters were after would just be there for the taking. But no one takes it. This is like Mario killing Bowser but then leaving the princess behind.

When the movie reaches the end and the grandfather finds his grandson and his girlfriend passed out in the sand he asks the young guy if he found what he was looking for.

The response:

“I mostly found myself.” With an innocent little smile. They ride off into the sunset as if the boy had learned a great lesson and had grown up a little.

What!? You found a nazi hoard guarded by walking corpses! Call the fucking military and some priests because you just found confirmation of the goddamned supernatural! And a hoard of Nazi gold!

Found yourself!!?  What are you even talking about!? Everyone he knew got eaten an torn apart all around him by walking corpses and he acts like it was just like a little right of passage. Like playing in the big game.

This is without a doubt one of the worst zombie movies I’ve ever seen.

The Ugly:
This movie is really more of a crappy creepy ghost story than anything else. Like something from around a campfire.

Some people say, they are still out here. Guarding their gold. ooooooh~

Even the gratuitous t&a thrown in wasn’t worth it.

My favorite quotes:
I wouldn’t be surprised if the gold was stashed under that heap of crap. 

Let’s get some bottles and make molotov cocktails! Like at school!
(Yeah, cause that’s what kids do at school. They make molotov cocktails!)


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