Attack of the Animal Zombies

I am incredibly bad at using Twitter. Honestly I DON’T like using Twitter. There’s a lot of different reasons for this but I’m not to go into a long tirade about how annoying the services and how it sort of destroys people’s ability to have any sort attention span instantly say that recently I decided to give it another try. Mostly because I like giving people second chances. And I’m interested in technology.

So when I signed into Twitter this week, I discovered a whole slew of notifications. These were messages and tweets and things people had sent to me which I had completely missed. One of these was from the makers of this game, Attack of the Animal Zombies. And boy am I sorry I missed this the first time because I just fell in love with this game.

Attack of the animal zombies
First of all the artwork is incredible. I’m not always a fan of computer-generated artwork. If you’ve seen my own illustrations you know I prefer the touch of a real human using real paper and real materials. I’m a traditionalist. And I suck at Photoshop. This being a video game though it does a remarkably good job of creating a nice textured gritty feel to all the images.

Zombie animals and the little girl trying to fight them off to protect her pet dog are cute, gross, and fun to look at.

thousand gears
The plot of the story is pretty simple. A little girls rabbit died and when she goes to visit his grave the rabbit as well as all the other animals in the pet cemetery come back and try to eat her and her dog. After passing each stage we get a little bit more of the story and are introduced to new zombie types along the way. The variation and creativity in the animal zombies is pretty fun. For example pigs that explode if you don’t take them out in time. And turtles you have to tap twice because their shells protect them.

The gameplay itself is really simple and straightforward. It’s a basic whack-a-mole type game. Now I think there are a lot of other games like this out on the app store, but I haven’t played many of them. So for me this was a real treat. I like the artwork, the fast-paced gameplay and the way the story plays out.

And since this game is free as of this writing, it was totally worth picking up. It’s the kind of thing I’d probably play on my commute to work, or anytime I had a moment or two to myself that I needed to kill without getting deep into a story oriented game.

Check it out in iTunes by clicking here.
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