Zombie Farts (kids book)

We’re deep into winter here and although it’s been super cold we actually JUST got our first real snow storm. SO I’ve been tinkering around with some of my books and images a little and updated the cover image of Zombies!!

The old cover
Zombies - The Stinking Dead
The stinkin’ new cover

The story goes like this, two friends are reading scary stories one night when they hear a strange noise. One of them is convinced the house is about to be overrun by a horde of horrible zombies.  The disturbing sound of zombies moaning and the terrible stink they make confirms their worst fears.

Unfortunately, Giler-cat doesn’t know much about zombies. So he has to rely on his friend Saru the monkey to get him through the night. As the pair run around the house getting ready for the oncoming zombie attack, Giler quickly learns what zombies are and how to get rid of them. And Saru discovers his worst fears about zombies aren’t nearly as scary or as stinky as the beans Giler had for lunch!

Although a lot of my illustrations show some pretty nasty looking zombies, I’ve made the zombies in this book A little cuter. I tried to focus more on the gross and less on the gore. The stories meant to be kind of cute in a zombie sort of way. It’s full of a lot of sight gags and tons of stinky fart jokes.

You can check out screenshots of the artwork below and if you want to pick up a copy for yourself you can get it in the iTunes Store by clicking the link below. (And don’t forget I just lowered the price to seven bucks in honor of its first year in stores. So now is the perfect time to pick up a copy for your little monsters.)

Get a look at the book in iTunes simply by clicking here.


zombie kids book

Be Prepared



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