The Hunting Part 3

If you’ve seen my previous posts on this game series you can skip the recap but here it goes anyway.

This game series follows a fellow in England who wakes up to find the zombie apocalypse going on all around him and tries to survive. Nothing new there. the nice bit about the app is that it’s basically more like a choose-your-own-adventure story where you decide what the character is going to do. It’s shot entirely on iPhones and so has a look and feel a bit different from other apps out there.

the hunting part 3
The Good:
Part three picks up the action from the first two parts nicely with the main character finally making it to the house which was hinted at in the first part of the game. Cinematically we are also rewarded with scenes we knew about with the girlfriend but hadn’t witnessed the first time around.

the hunting farm house
The farmhouse and the  lead up to it see the most actual zombie action throughout the game with some nicely staged scenes and some action that takes a few tries to get through. This is a nice return to some consistency. The first game played out this way but the second game took a right turn into la-la land with some cheep scares that didn’t actually seem to fit the story and felt more like an internet gag video than a game on my phone.

the hunting zombies

The Bad: 
Once again, this game and its concept are great but just too short. For the amount of work that I think went into the week of shooting they must have done, I find the whole three games play out more like a single chapter in a much larger story.

It’s definitely worth the buck just to support people making games like this. I’m hoping they raise enough money from these games to make longer better ones down the road.


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