Zombies! Run

This is the game I always wanted, and the only one I just gave up on.

The Good:
I actually enjoy running. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like it. It’s horrible, but I do enjoy popping on my headphones listening to some really good fast-paced music and going wild on a run. It feels great. Like dancing in a  straight line sort of. I’ve run in a few 10K races and have wanted to try some of the obstacle course runs like Tough Mudder and the many zombie runs that have sprung up. Unfortunately where I live there aren’t many of these things available. What’s a runner to do?

Well why not have an iPhone app for that!?

This brilliant design for a game is, to me, stunning. It plays out like a radio serial with the characters talking to you via radio as you run around trying to avoid zombies and pick up supplies. Between their broadcasts they play music from your playlist to motivate you and guide you along. When the story is complete you get rewards which you picked up along the way. As long as you didn’t go too slow you should be able to use them to build, fortify and defend your farm colony while hopefully expanding.

The radio actors are good and I have to admit I’m really into the story. The layout and app usage are also really great.

So if this is my dream app why did I give up on it?

Because it kept screwing up my runs!

The Bad:
When I go out for a run I don’t want to have to stop to fiddle with my phone. I push play, I run. I keep running. If a little story plays out in my ear while that’s going on, even better. Unfortunately this game caused me to stop running to fiddle with the device to make it work properly.

My irritation started right away as I started up the game and the app crashed. Started it again and finally got my self going. Ok, no problem. Then I realized it was playing the same three songs over and over again. So it turns out most of the music in my playlist isn’t playable through this app. WHY!? It’s all playable through iTunes. It gave me a notice showing what songs weren’t able to be played, some came from old CDs I’d bought and plopped on my iPhone, others were bought form iTunes. Yet they weren’t able to play. So that was a pain in the ass.

And finally, I couldn’t get anywhere in the game because I’m apparently  shitty runner? Now just to note, I can run a 10k no sweat. I do so pretty regularly in fact. While running, the game occasionally tells you to look out because zombies are near by. That’s your cue to put on some extra speed and high tail it out of there. Even doing this I was apparently caught by the zombies every time

The worst part is that getting caught by the zombies means you lose the supplies and bonus you pick up throughout the game. But when did they get me? I heard them coming close but the game never actually told me I’d been eaten.

So in the end I gave up on this crapfest. I’ll probably give the game another shot at some point when the weather starts warming up later this year but until then, I’ll avoid this app. This is a real shame because I think a few bad details are getting in the way of what I really believe to be one of my favorite games in waiting.



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Mike Kloran

Educational Designer from Brooklyn New York. I'm a teacher, an artist, an athlete and constantly doing, making, drawing, creating! It's a busy life but I'm doing what I love and that's what matters most to me!

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